April 16
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Pastor Cristian Ionescu, purtător de cuvânt

Echipa de organizare și inițiativă: Pastor Daniel Bodnariu, Steven Bonica, Peter Costea, Timotei Dinică, Pastor Cristian Ionescu, Vinicius Sabău, Dennis Stoia, Paul Susman, familia extinsă Bodnariu

(BFS) Press Release – US (16-03-23) (v02) (2)
(BFS) Press Release – US (16-03-23) (v02) (2) (Format .pdf)

Romanian-Americans for Reunification of Bodnariu Family

PRESS RELEASE                                                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

March 23rd, 2016

Press Information: (847) 636-1744

Spokesperson: Rev. Cristian IONESCU

Tens of thousands of Romanian-Americans will peacefully demonstrate in over 20 metropolitan cities in the United States and Canada, Romania’s largest cities, renowned cities across Europe, and Australia, denouncing the abuses perpetrated by Norway’s Child Protection Services (BARNEVERNET) by impudently abducting all 5 children born to Marius & Ruth Bodnariu.

Protests and marches have alreay taken places in the USA and Canada in large numbers: (Washington DC – >1,000, Houston – 500, San Francisco – 2,800, Ottawa – 200, Montreal 300, Toronto 200, Vancouver BC – 400). Similar protests also took place in over a dozen large cities in Romania (including Bucharest – 3,000, Iasi – 4,000, Suceava – 5,000, Sibiu – 7,000, Oradea – 10,000) and over two dozen cities in Europe. Total protestors exceeded 70,0000 via 62 protests in 56 cities and in 26 countries!

WHEN:                    Saturday – APRIL 16, 2016, (from: ? am to ? pm)

WHERE:                  Exact location, name of place, and exact address

WHY:                       Romanian-Americans are outraged at the news and reports of events that unfolded in Norway over the last four months related to the Bodnariu family’s case; confiscation of all their 5 children by Norway’s Barnevernet (Norway’s Child Protection Services). As such, tens of thousands of Romanian-Americans from U.S. and Canada will peacefully demonstrate to show solidarity with the Bodnariu Family who lost custody of all 5 of their children through a process that goes against international laws, conventions, and protected human rights. The demonstrators will voice opposition to Norway’s Barnevernet and its inhumane Nazi-like tactics.

WHY IN USA:       Marius Bodnariu, father of the 5 children (a Romanian citizen living in Norway married to Ruth – a Norwegian), has most of his family living in United States as naturalized U.S. citizens; both of Marius’ parents, along with a married sister, live in the Atlanta-Georgia, two other married sisters live in the Chicago-Illinois metropolitan area, and another married sister lives in the Portland-Oregon area.

Thousands of Romanian-Americans (community and religious leaders, businessmen and civic leaders) have informed the organizers of their participation to this peaceful protest taking place on April 16, 2016. These peaceful protests will take place in: Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois), Cleveland (Ohio), Dallas (Texas), Detroit (Michigan), Honolulu (Hawaii), Houston (Texas), Los Angeles (California), Miami (Florida), New York (New York), Phoenix (Arizona), Portland (Oregon), Sacramento (California), Saint Louis (Missouri), Seattle (Washington), and in Canada (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Alberta, Vancouver BC).

Diplomatic efforts with U.S. dignitaries, officials, and governmental departments have been initiated, fostered, and continue to expand as this case has gained interest and support from all those involved.

PETITION:              On November 19, 2015, Romanian-American pastor Cristian Ionescu of Chicago launched an online petition in support of the reunification of the Bodnariu family:

This petition gathered over 10,000 signatures in less than 48 hours, more than 25,000 signatures in less than two weeks, and continues to gain attention and signers. The petition has nearly 60,000 signatures at the time of this press release.

ABOUT US:            Romanian-Americans for Reunification of Bodnariu Family is a group of community and religious leaders, businessmen, and civic leaders acting on behalf of their communities, including:

– Assemblies of God International – Romanian Department

– Church of God International – Romanian Territorial Office

– Credo Television International, Chicago, Illinois

– Genesis Mission Magazine, Chicago, Illinois

– Religious Liberty Department of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists

– Romanian Baptist Association of U.S.A. and Canada

– Romanian Television Network – RTN, Chicago, Illinois

– Romanian Times Newspaper, Portland, Oregon

– Romanian Tribune Newspaper, Chicago, Illinois

– Union of Romanian Pentecostal Churches of U.S.A. and Canada

– MORE organizations and political figures from Romania

WHO ELSE:            There are 38 families that have co-signed an appeal for international attention from the leaders of the European Union to the abuses perpetrated by Norway’s Barnevernet and intervention in their respective cases of abduction of their children in Norway.

Our utter desperation forced us to address you by this letter. It forced us to write you about the reality of unspeakable abuse of power being committed by a supposedly advanced country even as we speak. The country in question is Kingdom of Norway. We are addressing you, because Norway is systematically acting in breach of its legal obligations also against European citizens and their families, causing them great harm. The fact that Norway is not an EU Member State cannot be seen as an excuse this time; quite opposite. It should be the reason for the Community institutions to step in and defend their citizens. […]”

For more information about #BODNARIUFAMILY and our efforts, please visit our official web site at:

or our official Facebook page at:


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