Who is this Jesus ?

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An excellent documentary that uses both conservative and liberal scholars to show why we can have faith in what the Bible teaches us about Jesus Christ. It presents scholars on both sides of the equation, including skeptic Helmut Koester of Harvard Divinity School, Jewish scholar Amy-Jill Levine of Vanderbilt, anti-fundamentalist John Dominick Crossan, co-founder of the Jesus Seminar, conservative scholar Bruce Metzger of Princeton Theological Seminary, and conservative history professors Edwin Yamauchi of Miami University in Ohio and Paul Maier of Western Michigan University.

Ultimately, „Who is this Jesus?” comes down clearly on the side of traditional orthodox Christian theology, but it does so after examining the evidence. It even fairly points out the context for the liberal points of view, such as the deconstructionist bias of the Jesus Seminar.

The program is carefully made, using Jewish scholar Amy-Jill Levine to lambaste the Jesus Seminar for being anti-Semitic since the Jesus Seminar is in the tradition of German higher criticism, whose sole purpose was to purge Judaism from Christianity, which, by the way, is rather hard to do since Jesus was Jewish.

The program also looks at the Bible as a reliable historical text compared to other texts of antiquity. It also revisits sites in the Holy Land where scholars think Jesus walked and taught, and was crucified, according to the Bible and according to ancient Roman and Jewish historians. Viewers see the most ancient texts of the Bible and examine the discussions of their authenticity. Finally, the program examines the evidence for the physical resurrection of Jesus, the foundation for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

„Who is this Jesus?” was produced by Coral Ridge Media. Uploaded by on Oct 29, 2011

The Attack on Jesus

We have in society today, a generation that desperately does not want to believe in the historical Jesus. Coral Ridge Ministries presents- The Attack on Jesus-an intriguing look at some false claims about Jesus that threatens to keep millions from finding out the truth. Christians need to be aware of the public discussions about Jesus. Anything that points people away from Jesus Christ contributes to people some day being eternally separated from God. From time to time these unfounded accusations are recycled, as is the case with author Dan Brown. Here are the issues (some of these major assaults on Jesus) addressed in this video:

  1. The reliability of the Gospels
  2. The New Testament Canon
  3. The Resurrection of Jesus
  4. Jesus’ diety
  5. and the question – Was Jesus married?
  6. Is Jesus the only way to God?

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