Order in the Universe

Introducing the Anthropic Principle and the Fine Tuning debate that remains a challenge for even the most sophisticated atheists.

The fine-tuning observers for Intelligent Design point to how both our earth and universe are astronomically unique, in both order  and complexity. This demands explanation, since all the physical laws and constants required for life have to be just right. Life can not otherwise exist without these many finely tuned factors in order. Therefore our plausible and adequate explanation for life is that this universe was created & maintained by a intelligent designer.

Debating the Anthropic Principle:

1) The Fine Tuning of the Universe is due to either physical necessity, chance or design.
2) The odds are that it’s „not” physical necessity or chance.
3) Therefore the best explanation is Intelligent Design!

0:07 2:03 Robin Collins Philosopher
1:18 Lee Strobel Researcher
2:24 11:30 John Pokinhorn
3:09 Fred Hoyles Astro-Physicist
5:13 11:45 Dr. Rodney Holder Physicist
7:07 Professor William Lane Craig
9:54 Christopher Hitchens with Doug Wilson
11:06 13:22 ?
12:39 Gran Swinart
13:50 Jay Richards
14:12 Paul Davis Physicist

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