Afghan Christians fleeing to India – Muslims in Afghanistan calling for their death

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Afghanistan (MNN) ―According to a report originally published by Mohabat News, Afghanistan’s leaders are calling for the death of Christian converts.

„Numerous Afghans have become Christians in India. This is an offence to Islamic Laws and, according to the Quran, they need to be executed,” stated the Afghanistan Member of Parliment, Nazir Ahmad Hanafi, in a published report.

The number of people coming to Christ from Muslim backgrounds is reportedly increasing. Most Muslim-background believers have fled to India for safety; a growing church established in Delhi reportedly has around 250 members.

Afghanistan’s Parliament has addressed this issue on separate occasions over the past few months. Voice of the Martyrs Canada says authorities view Gospel growth as a threat.

One MP, Abdul Latif Pedram, said that „conversions to Christianity are the result of the presence of the United States in Afghanistan.” He feels the conversion of Afghans in India is part of the U.S.’s longer-term plan to alter the country’s culture and religion.

According to The Barnabas Fund, Parliamentary speaker Abdul Rauf Rahimi „ordered the country’s national security services to take serious steps to stop the spread of Christianity.”

Reportedly, some Afghan Islamic clerics have warned their government against the influence of Christianity. The Islamic Council of Afghanistan told President Karzai about more Christian aid workers and missionaries possibly coming to Afghanistan, and the likelihood of more conversions taking place as a result.

Ask the Lord to intervene in this situation and save His followers. Pray for the continued growth of His Church in India among Afghans.

Dr. P P Job of India – 33 years with International Christian Assoc founded by Richard Wurmbrand passes away

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Links to  articles about Evangelist P P Jobs who among other callings on his life was also the Director of Voice of the Martyrs in India, working closely with Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand for 33 years:

  • Missionaries of the– Peramangalam Porinju Job, an Indian preacher, often referred to as Billy Graham of India, died of heart attack Sunday in Hungary where he had gone on a preaching mission. His age was 76 and he began working as an evangelist in1963, especially among the persecuted Christians in communist and Muslim countries.The UK-based International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, nominated Job as „International Man of the Year” for 2000 – 2001. Job was the president of International Christian Association founded by Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian evangelist who opposed communism. The Indian preacher joined the organization that works for persecuted Christians the world over 33 years ago.
  • The Berean Call – He preached at his son’s funeral Dr. Job often risks his life traveling to encourage Christians in restricted nations.. Dr. Job’s work angered many Hindus. In June of 1999 he was struck in the head with a rock hurled through his car window. A week later as his youngest son, Michael, was walking near the medical school where he was studying, a Fiat driving full speed hit Michael and drove off. Michael fell into a coma and died. Dr Job’s said of Michael’s death, „It’s as if they cut off his right arm’. However, he said, „I will continue to serve God with my left arm”.
  • – Dr Job has worked as an evangelist since 1963, working especially amongst the persecuted church in the Communist and the Muslim world. He was the President of International Christian Association – the worldwide Christian Mission amongst the persecuted believers founded by Rev Richard Wurmbrand. He worked actively in this organisation for 33 years.The very next year after the death (killing) of his son, in 2000, Job began the Michael Job Center to provide a sanctuary for the daughters of martyred persecuted and destitute Christians. Currently there are approximately 500 girls at the Centre who have come from all over India.
  • Indian Christian News Online– Internationally known evangelist and Charismatic preacher Dr PP Job passed away yesterday, August 19, after suffering a massive heart attack. Dr Job (67) was travelling Hungary to preach at a church in Tiszanagyfalu. „A relentless crusader, he was constantly on the move ignoring his own health and he was a true soldier who continued faithful even under adverse conditions,” said Christian columnist MPK Kutty who knew Dr Job since his initial days in Delhi. „With a heavy heart I received the message of Dr Job’s passing away in Hungary. We had known each other since the time I landed in Delhi in 1968 and witnessed his labours in Lord’s vineyard.” „He is a miracle and God’s special creation,” adds Kutty, who eulogises the renowned evangelist as a groundnut vendor and Communist who would „become a modern hero for Jesus Christ in a world that is a still a threat to His disciples”.
  • Dr. PP Job official website – read more about PP Job and his ministries.

Here is video that thanks to BrinksTV, it  is publishing it on the internet:

My life for the girls – Dr. P.P. Job

by  2 days ago

In 2009 we have produced the documentary „The girls of India”. Then in 2012 we have produced another documentary with Dr. P.P. Job. You will get a brief introduction with a flashback to the previous documentary. Bert Dorenbos of Cry for Life Holland is the interviewer. The building in scaffolding was opened in 2009 and now it has his destiny as „Master of Business Administration (MBA)”. What is new added, is a building intended for baby girls aged 0-3 years. Girls are not wanted and instead to kill the girl-child, they will be taken care of. If nobody does it, Dr. Job does.

Unfortunately, seven weeks after the recordings we received sad news. Dr. Job suddenly deceased on August 19th, 2012. At that time, Dr. Job was in a church in Hungary. In the morning he had preached and in the afternoon Dr. Job got a heart failure. We, from the Brink Media Team, know Dr. Job as a humble man of God, a great visionary with grandiose plans, a man expecting miracles of God.
His relation with God and complete trust in God was admirable and an example for many. Not knowing that this was his last tv interviews, we already had given the new documentary the title: „My life for the girls”.

We will miss Dr. Job.

His last words in the interview were:
„All miracles seem exaggerated for people who do not believe, but every miracle is a reality for people who believe in miracles”

Brink Media Team – Foundation Help Persecuted Christians (HVC) – Cry for Life Foundation

My life for the girls – Dr. P.P. Job from BrinkTV on Vimeo.

Funeral information from Mrs. Mary Job:

Thank you all for your messages of condolences, prayerful support and personal visits which enabled me to pass through these days of bereavement following the unexpected demise of my husband.

Dr P.P. Job entered his heavenly abode on Sunday, 19 August 2012 at 18.30hrs (IST) near Budapest, Hungary where he had addressed a Sunday morning gathering at a local church. After lunch while taking rest he had a sudden heart attack. Expert medical help and hospitalization immediately could not revive him.  His mortal remains are being brought to New Delhi tonight, (Saturday 25 August).
The public viewing and funeral of his earthly remains will be conducted as under:

Sunday 26 August 2012

1400 hrs- The Cathedral Church of the Redemption, 1 Church Road North Avenue, New Delhi-11.

Funeral Service led by His Grace Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma, Metropolitan, Mar Thoma Church.

Monday 27 August 2012

1400 hrs- Michael Job Centre, Near Sulur Boat Club, Coimbatore.

Public Viewing and Homage by Michael Job Institutions.

Tuesday 28 August 2012

1600 hrs- York Cemetery, Prithviraj Road, New Delhi.

Mortal remains will be laid to rest.

I request your continued prayers and support for furthering the ministry of Dr. P.P. Job and the Institutions he had nurtured and developed.
Dr Mrs Mary Job

An interview by Petru Amarei of Romanian Television Network (in English):

Dr. Job is the first missionary from India to evangelize different countries spanning the five continents of the world. He has toured 129 nations many times over, spreading the Word of God –preaching often in areas that could have cost him his life.

Dr. Job is the managing director of Sabina Printing Press, the largest Christian printing press in India, which publishes over 3 million pieces of Christian literature every year in 37 languages for distribution worldwide.

Dr. Job has fought many battles in his life but the loss of both of his sons, John and Michael, because they were preachers of Gods word, has been his toughest battle by far. Out of great grief has come extreme joy with the work that has been started in Michael and Johns name. Dr. Job now has approximately  five hundred girls who are from martyred, persecuted or destitute parents.


In India, girls are not as desirable as boys because of the dowry system. Parents of girls are expected to pay a sizable amount of money [dowry] to the family of the man she marries, and that causes a lot of girls to be aborted, or abandoned early in life. Girls who are orphaned have no options, and Christian girls especially have limited hope for a successful life. At the Michael Job Center our girls are all taught that they have value in the eyes of God, and that God loves them.


At this time our family is approximately 500 girls ranging in age from 3 to 23 and more than 50 committed staff who care for, love and teach them.

These Children receive a top notch education, housing and food and most importantly they receive a new lease on life, hope and a future. Many of these children will grow to become the future leaders of India. SOURCE here and here.

While he was most well known for evangelizing the masses in India and the founding of the school for girls, here is a list of other institutions he founded and worked through:

Dr. Job has established the following institutions
1. The Love In Action Society (ESTD. 1972)
Founder & President
2. Tortured For Christ (ESTD. 1973)
Founder & Editor
3. Sabina Printing Press (ESTD. 1976) (Largest printing press in India)
Founder & Managing Director (Named for Sabina Wurmbrand)
4. Christian Medical Centre (ESTD. 1984)
Founder & Director
5. Michael Job Orphanage (ESTD. 2000)
Founder & Director
6. Michael Job Memorial Higher Secondary School for Girls (ESTD. 2003)
Founder & Correspondent
7. Michael Job Memorial College of Education
(B.Ed. & M.Ed.) for Women (ESTD. 2004)
Founder & Chairman
8. Michael Job College of Arts & Science for Women (ESTD. 2005)
Founder & Chairman
9. Dr. Job’s Mission (ESTD. 2003)
Founder & President
10. Dr. Job’s Mission To The Persecuted Church Inc., USA
Founder President
11. Ittianam Enterprises (ESTD. 2008)

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