Pichetari la ambasadele Norvegiei din mai multe state ale Europei, din America si din Romania pentru Familia Marius si Ruth Bodnariu

Filadelfia Daniel BodnariuVa multumim pentru sustinerea dumneavoastra in rugaciune si post si in toate demersurile pe care le-am facut pana acum legat de petitie si mailuri trimise la autoritati!

In acest rastimp am evaluat si posibilitatea unor pichetari la ambasadele Norvegiei din mai multe state ale Europei, din America si din Romania.

Va multumim pentru disponibilitatea aratata in acest sens si va anuntam in timp util despre acest demers, vrem sa fie organizat, legal, pasnic si totodata o marturie pentru lume.

In acest sens va anunt ca ne organizam si va anuntam din timp! Din cate vad exista si initiative individuale de protest, va anunt pe aceasta cale, ca familia NU a stabilit inca o data si o ora pentru pichetare pentru Bucuresti si orice alta initiativa este independenta de vointa noastra.

In momentul in care avem aprobarile necesare pentru Bucuresti va anuntam pe aceasta pagina a FAMILIEI, pe RVE si pe mailuri!

Daniel Bodnariu

We would like to thank all of you for the support you have shown so far through prayer, fasting, singing of the petition, and joining us in the email protest; these are some of the steps we have taken so far towards reuniting our brother’s family.

Meanwhile, we have also evaluated the possibility of picketing several Norwegian embassies in Europe, United States of America, and Romania. Thank you for showing your support and availability in this regard. We will make an announcement, in due time, about this next step. We would like to act in an organized, legal, and peaceful manner, as we wish to continue being a testimony for the world. In this regard, I assure you, we are currently getting organized and WE will announce the place and the time of the picketing, along side additional details, at the right moment.

It was brought to our attention that there are individual initiatives taking place regarding a picketing at the Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest. I would like to clarify that the family has NOT yet set a date or a time for picketing, and ALL OTHER initiatives are independent of us, and beyond our control.

As soon as we obtain the necessary legal approvals for picketing the Norwegian embassy in Bucharest, and organize the event, we will provide you with details through the following venues: our official page: Norway return the children to Bodnariu family, RVE, and emails.

Thank you again for your support!


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