Don’t Be a Sucker by John Piper

John Piper:

piperIt is astonishing to me that most of the warnings in the New Testament about being deceived [being a sucker] (we’ve seen 11 of them) deal with the folly of blue sky optimism. First, the kind that says, “There’s no final divine judgment to worry about.” And then the kind that says, “Your are really something in yourself apart from grace. Don’t worry about those depravity-mongers who point out your sin and weakness. You have powers in yourself that they may envy.” And so flattery destroys the blue sky sucker.


Our aim here at Bethlehem is that our students be as undeceivable as possible. We aim to graduate people who will not be suckers. There is a true way to deal with coming judgment. And it is not denial. And there is a true way to deal with our own personal sin and imperfections and weaknesses. It is not the blue-sky mirror of self-exaltation. It is gospel way. The way of Jesus Christ crucified and risen. It is so solid and so sure that no one who believes it becomes a sucker of naïve blue sky optimism. Our joy, our hope is too solid for that.

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