D.A. Carson – on reasons Christians doubt (Essential message)

Carson: „There are many different kinds of doubt, different things that can cause doubt.” Here’s one example Carson cites:  „I’ve had men come to me at the age of 47, who have been reared in a Christian home, married a young christian woman, reared their own children in the admonition of the Lord, been faithful at church many, many years, but somehow they’ve begun to drift, to cool off and instead of being faithful to prayer meetings they show up on Sundays (only) if they have time while climbing the slippery slope of middle and upper management and so on, but, there’s no love for Christ anymore and eventually one of them would come up to me and say, „You know, I just don’t believe all this stuff anymore, I doubt just about everything.” Do you know what I say, „With whom are you sleeping?10,000 decisions got him there, all of them wrong.

Dr. DA Carson speaks on doubting the resurrection of Jesus

Tip: If you’re going to have doubts…

Dallas Willard:

If you’re going to have doubt, make sure to have doubts about your doubts as well as your beliefs. We’re taught in our culture that a person who doubts is essentially smarter than a person who believes. But you can be as dumb as a cabbage and still say why ? Our culture is set up on that.

You wanna say, „Believe your beliefs, doubt your doubts as well as doubt your beliefs and believe your doubts. You go the whole round, and that’s what we’re not taught. This is about how knowledge grows and knowledge grows by not only doubting your beliefs and believing your doubts but by (also) doubting your doubts and believing your beliefs. That involves conversation with others, inquiring, listening to a good preacher preach, going to read a good book on atheism by Dawkins… Now, not everybody has the time to do that, so in the fellowship that is one reason why we need one another so badly, so there can be other people who can do what we don’t have time to do and that division of labor really works in the church.

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