Understanding the Passion Week

April 11, 2017 Understanding the Passion Week

Jim Allman, Mark L. Bailey, Darrell L. Bock, and Mikel Del Rosario

The State of Evangelicalism – Dr. Darrell Bock with Dr. Ed Stetzer – Dallas Theological Seminary

Dr. Darrell Bock with Dr. Ed Stetzer Photo by www.dts.edu

The State of Evangelicalism

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock and Dr. Ed Stetzer discuss the state of Evangelicalism in America, focusing on how to minister in a shifting culture.


00:14 Introduction to the event
02:28 What is Evangelicalism?
08:00 What does the Evangelical spectrum look like?
17:51 Is Evangelicalism really collapsing?
21:51 Evangelicalism?s impact around the United States
25:41 Ministering in a shifting culture
28:37 Teaching the Scriptures and doing apologetics today
33:30 Invitation for questions
33:59 Evangelical stereotypes and evangelism
45:15 Closing summary


Moving Forward in the Current Israeli Conflict

Dr. Darrell Bock , Dr. Mitch Glaser, David Brickner, and Jim Sibley discuss Israel and the Middle East, focusing on how Israel moves forward in the current conflict and how we as Christians ought to think about it.


00:14 Sibley discusses the legal issues of Israel?s claim to the land.
05:07 Dr. Glaser argues for Israel?s right to defend its claim to the land.
10:58 Brickner discusses Israel?s quest for peace and negotiation.
15:13 How should Christians think about the plight of Palestinians caught in the midst of the conflict?
24:08 What can we expect of the current situation and what hope do we have for its resolution?


The Moral Requirements of Flourishing Economies

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock and Greg Forster discuss a biblical view of work and business, focusing on the moral requirements of flourishing economies.


00:13 What hinders churches from helping the poor?
03:20 What are the roles of business, the church and the state in responding to poverty?
05:52 How do we address greed and materialism in relation to this issue?
08:49 What is the definition of success in business?
13:12 What kinds of goals should businesses have?
16:10 How does the stewardship mindset help people in their work?
19:35 How are trust and virtue pivotal to a functional economy?
23:17 How are families and school systems pivotal to moral formation in society?


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A Biblical View of Sexual Intimacy (Dallas Theological Seminary)

See another followup episode here – Ministering to People with Sexual Issues

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Gary Barnes and Debby Wade discuss sexuality and the church, focusing on a biblical view of sexual intimacy.


00:13 Recent events that affect how sexual ethics is discussed in the public square
04:21 The relevance of theology and moral philosophy to the conversation
06:23 Stretching boundaries, rejecting God’s design, and discovering the consequences
08:19 A biblical view of sexuality derived from Genesis 1 and 2
10:36 The profundity of sexual intimacy reflects God
13:05 The spiritual dimension of sexual intimacy
17:18 Healthy relationships in marriage and friendships
22:13 Complementing rather than seeking to complete your spouse
24:27 Barriers to healthy relationships between men and women
30:55 Birth statistics related to married and unmarried women
35:04 How churches can serve single women and those in diverse family structures

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The Earliest Prophecies of the Messiah – Dr. Ankerberg with Dr. Walter Kaiser and Dr. Darrell Bock


In this program, Dr. Ankerberg with Dr. Walter Kaiser and Dr. Darrell Bock discuss Old Testament prophecies about the coming Messiah and offer evidence that shows how these earliest prophecies of the Messiah point toward the coming of Jesus. You’ll grow in both your knowledge of Scripture and encouragement in God’s Word as you see the divine plan God has developed since the beginning of Scripture.

VIDEO by John Ankerberg

Dr. Darrell Bock – Sexual Abuse in the Church – The Grooming Process of Sexual Abusers

For more resources visit https://www.ministrysafe.com

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock, Greg Love and Dr. Jay Sedwick discuss sexual abuse in the church, focusing on risk management for church leaders and the grooming process used by abusers.


00:13 Understanding the grooming process used by sexual abusers
05:43 How long does the grooming process usually take?
08:13 What can leaders do to better protect children?
10:04 What can people working directly with children do to better protect them?
12:16 Who qualifies as a mandatory reporter?
18:55 What is the risk for leaders who report suspects?
24:42 How should an internal investigation differ from that conducted by law enforcement?


VIDEO by dallasseminary Published on Jun 9, 2014

Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse at Church

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock, Greg Love and Dr. Jay Sedwick discuss sexual abuse in the church, focusing on how churches can better protect children.

Old Testament Narratives and Hot-Button Issues in America – Dr. Darrell Bock

darrell bockIn this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock and Dr. Daniel Carroll-Rodas discuss approaching ethical issues with a holistic view of Scripture, focusing on the relevance of Old Testament narratives to contemporary, hot-button issues in America.


00:13 How can we approach a discussion of slavery with a holistic view of Scripture?
07:10 How can we approach a discussion of gun control with a holistic view of Scripture?
12:19 How can we approach a discussion of immigration with a holistic view of Scripture?
18:56 The importance of forgiveness in an ethical discussion of immigration
20:02 The importance of remembering the history of immigration in America
24:14 The relevance of Old Testament law in a discussion of immigration law
29:30 Recommended Resource: Christians at the Border (2nd Edition)

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