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Our family visited this church in 2009. The music worship was an unusual experience. Unusual, because for the number of people that were present in the church, it sounded like the voices of double or triple that amount. (And there were probably 7-800 people, yet it sounded like  thousands).  It wasn’t the acoustics either, although they have a great sound system; but, as we looked around, everyone, from 4 or 5 year olds, to adults and older people (to all the men!!) were singing loudly and gladly and the power of the Holy Spirit was a keen presence in the church.  Some of the songs they sang I had not heard before and were taken right out of Scriptures. (I hope they will post more in the future) The Word of God in song, sung by His people is a powerful thing! Imagine a church where the Holy Spirit overcomes young people while they worship. And, imagine a church where, if you feel the presence of the Lord and want to get down on your knees and weep or praise him, you can.  The service starts that way, and ends that way. It reminded me of the prayer services of the Pentecostal Churches of Romania in their beginning stage and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that God willed over us.

After the service we spoke to some of the church’s members to get to know some of them. One impressionable thing was the conversation we had with the drummer and his family. In preparation for ministry on the worship team, he served by volunteering at the House of Hope and Prayer (open 24 hours) which is on the Church’s property and a family actually lives in that house, and, additionally, other church members regularly volunteer on their days off or before or after their work shifts, to be available for prayer, either over the phone or for people who show up in person, on a 24 hours a day basis.

The two nights we were there, the service began at 7pm and ended after 11 pm, and it seemed like it went way too fast. After the worship and preaching which ended about 9:15 most of the folks went up front for prayer and we didn’t stop until almost 11:00 pm.  And, did I forget to mention that most of the church members were present at church about an hour before the service started. Yes, there still are churches like this, with people seeking the Lord in the Word, in fervent prayer and seeking fellowship with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

We had an overwhelmingly positive experience while visiting this church over that weekend in 2009. May God bless our brothers and sisters there in Kansas City, Missouri!

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