Comunicat privind Conferința Pastorală organizată de Universitatea Emanuel din Oradea

Comunicat privind Conferința Pastorală organizată de Universitatea Emanuel din Oradea
Paul Negrut, Vicepresedinte cu educatia UBCBR
Emanuel Tundrea, Echipa de slujire UEO

Oportunitatile, provocarile si poverile slujbei pastorale ne motiveaza sa continuam partasia noastra in studiu, rugaciune si colaborare pentru a cauta impreuna raspunsul Domnului la nevoile bisericilor. De aceia, cu mult drag va invitam si in anul acesta la Conferinata Pastorala si…

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Europe’s secularist agenda, the Bodnariu family and God – Emanuel Țundrea

Evangelical Focus:

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This article summarises the ideas Emanuel Tundrea shared in several media interviews, supporting the Bondariu family.

Emanuel Tundrea is Professor at Emanuel University (Romania). (Emanuel Țundrea
Lector – Universitatea Emanuel & Membru – European Leadership Forum Steering Committee)
As Romanians, we have passed through many great battles against our own government, battles over state laws that were against the law of God. During our history, the Ottoman Empire wanted our children, just as other empires did.
What is happening within the secular European governments and especially in the Norwegian case is “nothing new under the sun”. Secular governments already have on their public agenda the destruction of the family and the fragmentation of all parent-child connections, sodomizing society in the process, and indoctrinating children into this worldview beginning in kindergarten/primary school. The Bible records numerous attacks from the government upon children. [….]
No human law can abolish The Law of God Maybe we look at this case and say: we cannot do anything! This is the law in Norway! The answer is simple: if the law is wrong, then it must be changed. No law giver on the earth has the right to have more authority that the Law of God. It is not the subject of this speech, but I want to affirm that the role of the government is to support parents, to counsel them and when necessary to “use the sword” to balance, very carefully, situations where parents may not be fit to be together with their children. But what happened to Bodnariu family amounts to “state-sponsored child kidnapping….

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