NRK – Debate on Barnevernet following the Global Protest (english subtitles)

Dezbatere despre Barnevernet in Norvegia

Watch the debate in the video below. Here is input from Emanuel Zarnescu who attented this debate and gives us his thoughts:

Emanuel Zarnescu May 3 at 4:16pm ·

Today I attended a public debate about Barnevernet here in Bergen. I don’t know what others think about this but I myself am not very happy. And the main reason is that although the debate should have been about the human rights and the CPS system, there were only briefly pointed out some issues but not developed. There were of course things that were underlined but I myself was thinking about other issues when it comes to the debate on human rights and the CPS system in Norway. And here are some things I thought about:

1. If the parents love their children and wish to raise their children, why do still the Norwegian authorities take the children against the parents will? I mean, here is a basic and logic thing that conflicts with the human rights. The parents WANT to take care of the children. Too often and too easy I hear this phrase on Norwegian media: AGAINST THE PARENTS WILL. Hello, Norway! Wake up! You take a child only when the parents do not want him and you have strong evidences for this.
It doesn’t matter if the child hasn’t got the latest toys or his own iPad. But because the CPS think that only they know what is the best for children, then they actually brake the human rights and take the care rights from the parents on very debatable and subjective grounds.
I mean, do the Norwegian society really understand that idea of loving your own child? Do the Norwegian society understand the human right to care for your own child? I don’t think that in Norway is the system that is the most problematic issue but rather the ideology behind it. If the system would be applied correctly I don’t think that so many children would be taken into custody by CPS.

2. How can a democratic state like Norway can accept the idea of acting on so called preventing measures rather than clear evidences of abuse or neglect. This is not justice. It is just the Wild West. Based only on this principle, 25% of the children that are in Barnevern care are removed from their homes because the parents lack the parenting skills. And this is of course an abuse. Don’t mention the cases where children are taken right from the maternity.
It is like somebody who goes to the traffic school is denied the right to have a car just because the trainer has come to the conclusion that the driver does not have the right skills to actually drive a car. Not that this is a strange idea in Norway. The police actually can suspend a driving license if the owner is reported as a person that drinks much alcohol, even if he is not driving a car. So acting on preventing measure most often brake the human rights, the logic and the common sense.

3. How the new rule of forced help measures can conflicts with the Right to Property? I mean, if Barnevernet wants to force a family to receive help they would come on unannounced visits, at any hour of the day to check how the children do. Is it right to come into the house if the owner does not want this? Don’t they need a court warrant every time they come just like the police officers need? Where is the human right to property or to private life?

And there can be more questions like this. But they were not discussed today. Maybe with another opportunity.

VIDEO by Norway, Return the Children to Bodnariu Family

Inger Elisabeth Baunedal, sora lui Ruth Bodnariu. Sister of Ruth Bodnariu on Norwegian Television (English subtitles)

Inger Elizabeth Baunedal, sora lui Ruth Bodnariu, la o dezbatere pe tema protestelor la televiziunea norvegiana NRK 2

Mihai Dragoman a subtitrat acest interviu in limba engleza:

Inger Elisabeth Baunedal, sora lui Ruth Bodnariu.
Sister of Ruth Bodnariu at Norwegian Television. (english subtitle)
„Debatten” April 21, 2016. NRK

Read more here – Inca un pas mare – Inger Elizabeth Baunedal, sora lui Ruth Bodnariu, la o dezbatere pe tema protestelor la televiziunea norvegiana NRK

George Alexander – Vino la Protestul Global impotriva Barnevernet (english subtitles)

George Alexander Photo B1

George Alexander – Invitatie la Protestul Global din 16 Aprilie 2016 (english subtitles)

Global Protest April 16 – Locations…

VIDEO by Norway, Return the Children to Bodnariu Family

Catalin Ciuculescu – Farmecul unui om [English Subtitles]

Camera: Codrut Ciuculescu
Sound: Danut Beni Codreanu
Music: Catalin Ciuculescu
CC Film – 2015
Multumiri: Irina Ciuculescu

VIDEO by Catalin Ciuculescu

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