VIDEO – European Parliament Plenary about protecting the best interest of the children

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EP Plenary about protecting the best interest of children (acr…

Reflection of the European Parliament debate:

Most speakers hit the nail on the head. A couple of them were totally on the wrong side making sure the gays are not discriminated and we have to take care mainly for parentless children of immigrants.
MEPs Tomáš Zdechovský v Evropském parlamentu(CZ) and Daniel Buda (RO) were pretty direct about Norway (see in the video) and pointed out how is it possible that EU does not help european citizens and it comes to such human rights violations like in Bodnariu case where a 3-months old baby was snatched without warning and accusation.

I was quite disappointed when the attorney on the commission Vera Jourova said although she tried to communicate many ways with Norway’s authorities, the EU cannot do anything about it. She said Families need to solve their issues within that country by suing the ombudsman and such, and only AFTER exhausting all of those measures, to bring the case before the European Court of Human Rights.
This is maddening!!!

But as Tomáš Zdechovský says: „We are buldozers and we will not give up!”
Please, send more and more petitions to EP, they will have to open this issue again and really act!

We (#stopbarnevernet movement) are more than willing to help. Just contact us!

Jitka Fialová – Norway, Give Us Back the Children You Stole

LIST of SPEAKERS – EP Plenary about protecting the best interest of children

The whole debate here :…/en/debate-details.html…

Download video here –

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