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Eugene Lukjanenko‎ - PROTEST FRIDAY 8 JUNE CHATHAM MEDWAY Eugene's son Foto Kelvin Lord

Eugene Lukjanenko‎ with his son Justin

The story of chess
Chess made a mess of the dress.
Dress was very mad at chess.
Chess was attacked by dress because
he made a mess on dress.
In the end Chess caught dress on
the chessboard
and in the end
Chess was mad at dress for
making a mess on the chess board.
After that dress fought chess and
made a mess on the desk.
And that’s the story of chess.

Ben had ten Zen
Planning to use it on ten pens,
But with ten Zen,
Ben could have a Gem.
Poor Ben who wanted to buy a pen,
who did buy some pens,
Didn’t manage to buy a Gem.

The story of Justin:

Eugene’s son is a 13 year-old Dutch citizen. He was forcefully removed from the care of his loving father on the orders of the UK’s Medway Council Children Services on 9 April 2015 all because of false allegations which were later thrown out by a criminal court.

This family is known as they featured in the RT documentary „Forced Adoption UK”. Eugene Soifertis is a well-known international concert pianist.

Despite warnings from the child’s GP about the detrimental impact that removing this child from his father’s care would have on the child, Eugene’s son is still being held in foster care against his wishes and in violation of his human rights as a child to live with his father. The child has been told that he cannot go home again until he is 18 and that he can only see his father for 6 hours a year.

This boy is not permitted to either phone his father or to communicate with him by letter and is under 24 hours supervision to prevent his reunion with his father.

In court, Circuit Judge Veronica Hammerton supported the view of Medway Council’s Children Services and of a court appointed psychologist, Melanie Gill, that Eugene is an inadequate father because his own father is a Holocaust survivor and was in a ghetto during the Second World War; and also because Eugene had experienced anti-Semitism as a child when he lived in the former Soviet Union.

Read more here – July 26th – Bring JUSTIN, Eugene Lukjanenko’s son, home –  PROTEST in CHATHAM, WAYFIELD – Great Britain

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