Piața Sfatului Brașov – Prietenii fraților Maria Jalaskoski și Mihai Jalaskoski au un mesaj pentru FINLANDA – FINLAND, FREE MIHAI and MARIA

#Brașov #PiațaSfatului. Prietenii fraților #MariaJalaskoski și #MihaiJalaskoski .
Siblings Maria and Mihai are forced to live in children’s homes, although they have a loving family who wants them home. Kids want to get as soon as possible HOME!

,,States have no right to permanently remove children from their families without compelling reasons and in extraordinary circumstances.” 
(Laurence Wilkinson)

Solidaritate pentru Dr. Camelia Smicala si copiii ei

Siblings Maria and Mihai, the children of Dr. Camelia Smicala, are forced to live in two different children’s homes, in care of strangers, though they have a loving family who wants them home.
Separation of siblings is a crime. Lacking children of their family’s love and care is a crime. Placing kids in children’s homes without reasonable grounds is also a crime. Child Protection Service (#lastensuojelu) in #Tampere #Finland is directly responsible for it.
Thousands of people from different places around the world, look stunned at this grotesque show that seems unreal. Thousands of people are waiting Maria and Mihai to get back where they belong, namely HOME. Thousands of people simply love these wonderful kids!


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