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Greg Laurie – What Jesus Taught about Anger, Hatred, and Lust

„God Came Near” message from Matthew 5 by Pastor Greg Laurie

When Temptation Comes

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No temptation has come your way that is too hard for flesh and blood to bear. But God can be trusted not to allow you to suffer any temptation beyond your powers of endurance. He will see to it that every temptation has a way out, so that it will never be impossible for you to bear it.
– 1 Corinthians 10:13

In the New Testament, we have the account of Jesus saying to Peter, „Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren” (Luke 22:31–32).

Put yourself in Peter’s sandals. You’re sitting near the Lord when He turns to you, looks you in the eyes, calls you by name, and says, „Satan has been asking excessively that you be taken out of the care and protection of God. The devil has been asking for you by name.” I don’t know about you, but if Jesus Christ, the Son of God, said that to me, it would be cause for great concern.

Peter was such a big fish that Satan himself went after him. I wonder if the Lord paused for effect: „Satan has been asking for you. . .by name. . ..But I have good news, Peter. I have prayed for you.”

It’s a good reminder to us that when the devil comes knocking at our door, we should say, „Lord, would You mind getting that?” We are no match for the devil. But even though he is a powerful foe, he is still a created being, and certainly not as powerful as God. Even so, we don’t want to tangle with him-or any of his servants. We want to stand behind God’s protection.

In spite of the devil’s power and wicked agenda, he must first ask permission when it comes to attacking the children of God, because of the hedge of protection that God has placed around us.

God knows what you are ready for. And He won’t give you more than you can handle. We have His word on that!


Greg Laurie’s message at the National Day of Prayer 2013

…we look at the enemies from the outside, but there’s problems on the inside. Historian Will Durant, in his book on Rome’s history ‘Caesar and Christ’, said, „A great civilization is not conquered from without, ‘til it has first been destroyed from within. The essential cause of Rome’s decline lay in her people and her morals.” And it’s been cited multiple times that what’s different between Rome and America is we were founded on Judaeo-Christian values, despite what revisionists want to tell us. We have so many problems in our country today, that it has become freedom from religion, rather than freedom of religion….

…a family can survive without a nation, but a nation cannot survive without families…

VIDEO by HarvestTV  Introduction by Dr. James Dobson. (photo via

The life of Greg Laurie – Lost Boy – Full documentary

Greg Laurie has written a book on his life story and has recently posted part 1 of the film ‘Lost boy’ which is based on the book.

Published on Sep 21, 2012 by  Documenting the family history leading up to his birth, as well as his early childhood and teenage life, this week’s episode gives a glimpse into Pastor Greg’s troubled early years. Through it all, one message stands out above all others: God is in the business of finding those who are lost.

Greg Laurie webcasts page –

Part 1

Part 2


The way of Cain – Genesis 4

Cain & Abel

by Greg Laurie at

Genesis 4
When Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, they opened the door for sin to enter the world. The effect of sin’s entrance was felt in their children as we see in today’s passage.

When Cain and Abel presented their offerings, God accepted Abel’s gift offered in faith, but rejected the one Cain brought (Hebrews 11:4). Cain’s anger prompted the Lord to warn him that sin was waiting to consume him, if he didn’t watch out. Sadly, Cain ignored the warning and killed his brother, going so far as to deny his actions to God.

Let’s look at what Jude 1:11 calls “the way of Cain,” and how we can resist sin’s call.


  1. Worshiping with impure motives. God doesn’t look at the quantity of our worship, but at the quality of it. He is more pleased with the widow’s tiny than the Pharisee’s large gift. It doesn’t matter how beautifully you sing, the size of your offering, or whatever you do. If your heart is in the wrong place, your gift will go nowhere.
  2. Having a heart filled with jealousy, envy, and hatred. Cain’s anger stemmed not just from the fact that God rejected his offering, but that God accepted Abel’s offering. The fact is that there will always be someone better than us, whether it’s in smarts, beauty, talent, or ability. Instead of being consumed by jealousy and envy, we should rejoice in what God has blessed and be thankful for what we have been given.
  3. Lying to God about your actions and to excuse your actions. No matter how hard we try, it is evitable that we will sin. God’s desire—with Adam and Eve in the garden or Cain in this story—is for us to come clean about our actions. When we sin, He will use His staff, trying to steer us back into the fold, until He has no choice but to use the rod as the consequences for our sins (Hebrews 12:6).

It is easy for us to confuse remorse with repentance. Remorse is being sorry for the consequences of your sin. Repentance is being sorry enough to stop sinning. Scripture tells us godly sorrow produces repentance (2 Corinthians 7:10). Cain was unrepentant, sorry only for having to reap the repercussions of his actions (Genesis 4:13).
Is there any envy, jealousy, or hatred in your life? God is trying to get your attention, asking you to  call on Him to help you resist giving in to it. Let Him take control. If you have given into sin and know you need to repent, today is the day to turn from that sin and come back to God. He is waiting for you, but He seeks repentance, not just remorse.

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