Preparing your christian kids for college – even home schooled kids with the first Christian Psychology Introductory Textbook in 60 years

photo via Dr. Rice’s Twitter page
The Christian Post has an interview with Dr. Tim Rice, LPC, author of Psychology: A Christian Perspective, High School Edition, who home schooled his own children.

Dr. Rice introduces psychology from a Christian perspective says Christian students entering college are unprepared for the challenges of today’s Psychology classes and „schools-of-thought.”  He also believes this unpreparedness is a reason for the high rate of Christian students dropping their faith after entering college.

Dr. Rice on his experience in college, as a Christian: “As a young Christian, one of the first college courses I took (almost 30 years ago) was Psychology 101. I was not ready to refute the worldview assumptions hidden in the theories I was taught. Under the banner of “science,” the psychology professor challenged or ridiculed everything I held dear. I was part of the majority of Christians who “walked away” from their faith within 12 months of starting college. I wrote Homeschool Psych to help prepare Christian homeschool students for the dangers of modern psychology and to provide a framework in which our children can study the wonders of the soul, the mind, the brain, and behavior though a Christian worldview.” source  and photo immediately below are from North Georgia Home Education Academy-

Dr. Rice on the book:

I really believe that every Christian student needs to deal with Psychology class before they go to college. As a young Christian taking Psychology 101 almost 30 years ago, I was not very prepared to defend my faith and totally unprepared to recognize the worldview beliefs underlying the theories and schools-of-thought I was taught. I don’t want that to happen to students today. That is why I believe that Psychology is one of the most important electives that a student can take in high school.

I also believe that because Psychology is a contentious topic among Christians, we’ve abandoned it to the secular, humanistic, and evolutionary perspectives. We need to reclaim Psychology for Christ and that starts with high school students. The goal for the study of Psychology, just like the study of Biology, Theology, History, and every other discipline, should be to understand God’s creation and, in the words of Johannes Kepler, to „think God’s thoughts after him.” Instead of surrendering psychology or falling away in the face of the world’s teaching, we have a duty to put forth reasoned explanations for our worldview in every discipline, including psychology.


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