Bob Jennings – Stories of Revival (Holy Chaos)

Bob JenningsThe amazing things that happen when God’s people gather to pray daily. Bob Jennings recounts the revival meetings in the first years after he was converted and followed Christ, while a member of a fraternity at Iowa State. See my TRANSCRIPT of this short clip below the VIDEO.

Biography: Bob Jennings began his ministry in Kirksville, Missouri in 1978 with Charles Leiter. Since 1983 he has been an elder of the Church that meets at Highway M Chapel in Sedalia, Missouri ( Bob has spoken in many conferences both in the United States (such as HeartCry Conferences with Paul Washer) and Eastern Europe. He also has done evangelism outreach on various university campuses over the years. Bob resided in Sedalia with his wife, Terri. They have five children. Bob Jennings was born January 2, 1949 and passed away on November 6, 2012 after suffering from pancreatic cancer. Bob kept a journal here –  You can find more of Bob’s sermons here – I’ll Be Honest

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Bob Jennings:

I suppose you can call it revival. But, it was a move of the Spirit anyway. It wasn’t any historic revival, as we think, you know, where cities were swept into the kingdom overnight, you know, that type of thing. But, one of the most outstanding things in my mind was, I was up there with Keith McCloud for 8 months (I believe) and we made it a practice to meet for open ended prayer every day, twice a day. There was about 4 of us . So, it was just like a log cabin Bible school type of thing. But, it was just a matter of meeting today, meeting every day for preaching and prayer. That’s all it was.

In the middle of that time, Keith accepted an invitation to hold meetings at a big evangelical Mennonite church. And so, we began to pray regularly for those meetings that were coming up. I suppose we prayed for maybe 4 months, every day. And when the meetings began in Saskatchewan, God came in power in the very first meeting. I mean, in the very first meeting God was there  in power. People were weeping, people were coming to the front. He never gave an altar call. He didn’t believe in an altar call. But people, they couldn’t take it and they could not keep their seats and they got up and they went to the front and they were confessing their sins . And every night, as I recall, there was 20,30, 40 people up front doing business with God. Every night the meetings lasted til 1, 2, 3 o clock, with people asking for help

They were in distress of soul. I remember one young girl, she was about 12 years old; it was 10 minutes before she could even talk, she was under such deep conviction. And so, we got to bet about 4 o clock every morning. And sometimes, people couldn’t even wait until the sermon was over. They were crying out under conviction of sin and he would have to stop preaching and ask the pastor to take them to the basement. I remember one fellow, he was under such conviction of sin, it was like he was , he was just screaming. And the pastor took him to the basement. You could hear him crying down there like an animal going to the slaughter. And so, it was a very powerful time. People were starting to come from many miles away. The report was spreading. I know Keith McCloud said, if he had any regrets , it was at the end of that time, if he had any regret, it was that he didn’t continue the meetings longer. And so, at the end of the time it was estimated that half of the church (it was probably 3-400 people attending) half of them either had a fresh or a new meeting with God. Brother McCloud, he said that every night it was alike he could hardly wait to get into the pulpit; he was full of unvented wine. God just gave him such authority, such clarity, such utterance, such an ability to magnify Christ. I mean, it was like when he was done with his sermon, every tree in the forest was chopped down except one. Just one was left standing. It’s just like he had cleaned the slate and knocked down every idol, routed every sin, Christ alone was left standing.

I remember one time, one woman, right in the middle of a sermon, she was under such conviction, she juts stood up, and called up across the aisle and asked somebody else for forgiveness  in the middle of the sermon. It was holy chaos.

One time, another remarkable thing. About a  half a year after I was converted, and I was converted when I was a member of a fraternity at Iowa State and so, about a half a year after I was converted, this company that I was working for, they were gonna have a regional meeting back in the town where I had gone to college. And so I thought, „Maybe this will be an opportunity  to organize a Gospel meeting for my fraternity brothers. And so, this fellow who is friendly with me, he set up this meeting, a Gospel meeting after the supper, in the living room. And probably about 40 guys gathered in there. Another older Christian, by the name of Baylor Zutke (Not sure I spelled it correctly, from Northeast Iowa, he came down, and also, my brother was there, and another fellow. And so, anyways, here Baylor was sharing the Gospel with these fraternity brothers and God began to settle in. What was designed to be a 40 minute meeting in that living room floor, with guys sitting around, it turned out to be, as I recall, it was 7 hours before we were done for the night. And, one fellow sitting there just came under conviction  and began to weep and to cry out in front of all of these fraternity brothers, calling on the Lord, and there were conversations going on, up in the rooms. And people would leave, they had to leave to go to practice at 8 o clock (that type of thing). And when they got done with wrestling practice, they came back in and sat down again, couldn’t get away.

One fellow came in and he heard what was going on and he was pretty huffy, „What’s going on in there?” And he came in and just kind of blowing smoke, and it wasn’t but 2 minutes before Baylor had his Bible open and this guy was just eating out of his hand. Another guy came in , a former roommate of mine. I said, „Wayne, come on in the living room here, we’re having a Gospel meeting. And he mocked and said, „I don’t need that – and –(such and such, expletive).” And you know what? It was about a year later, I heard that this guy committed suicide. His girlfriend left him and he put the shotgun to the roof of his mouth.

Maybe a couple of years after I was converted, I began to see the narrowness of the narrow way. And I began to wonder, „Am I really in? Or not?” And I was sharing this with an older Christian and he just began to share some Bible verses with me, whereby I could evaluate myself. And I remember  God just deeply whispering into my soul: „That’s enough. That’s enough, Bob, don’t question it anymore. You are Mine.” And it was not long after that, where I was in a meeting one night, and a missionary was back from Italy and he was sharing about the fatherhood of God: God’s fatherhood is a tender care of Father. And God settled in. I don’t know if anybody else felt it like I did, but it was for me, special. I was just being melted, melted, melted as he was talking. And after the meeting, probably 3/4 of the church congregation had left, there were just a few of us left hanging around, talking about the things of God, and this older saint, he came up to me and shared a truth with me. And, I mean, my heart, I was just flooded with the love of God right there. And he said, „Men, let’s gather for prayer.” We had a time of prayer at the back of that church building and I don’t remember anything ever like it, before, or since, where all I could say was, „Abba, Father,” at the top of my voice. It was just the most special time for me that I have ever had. I think that’s the Spirit bearing witness with our spirit, that we are children.

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