There is God, How Wonderful

We are not  a dream, an accident,

a kneaded clay of ourselves.

But we were built by a creative Force,

with a wisdom without bonds.

There is God. He truly does  exist!


No, we are not some shadowed beasts,

driven by a persuaded whip.

But we have a spirit and a freedom.

And a heart that’s beating for the heavens.

There is God. He truly does exist!


The dust would not have felt forever.

Immaculate devour of lilly

if not has stretched his hand Almighty

to fill in our well the sense of feeling.

There is God. He truly does exist!



We have with us the Scripture as a proof,

we have unceasing signs and wonders.

And he who wants to see Almighty,

to stand in front of Him on barricade!

There is God. He truly does exist!


Our path is not eternally sunlit,

life is not always a palace.

But we live it, because it is worth living for,

when over this limited world,

There is God. He truly does exist!



No, we are  not nothingness! What joy!

He, the Supreme Truth has been revealed.

Jesus in us, the light and love.

And death is only just a flight to immortality.

There is God! How wonderful it is!



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