Ravi Zacharias – What does it mean to be human

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An Evening with Ravi Zacharias (of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University) Moderated by Prof Daniel KL Chua (School of Humanities, HKU) at Hong Kong University March 18,2010.

The Three Dominant Worldviews in the University and Their Relationship to the Christian Worldview

„Humanism is a utopian view of human nature. You have to disregard almost everything you know about human beings to believe this.” – Mary Poplin. Poplin is professor of graduate education,in this short clip she talks about worldviews in the academy, and how they relate to the Christian worldview. From The Veritas Forum at UCSB, 2011. Watch this and other full-length talks at veritas.org or watch the full length video below this one.

The Three Dominant Worldviews in the University and

Their Relationship to the Christian Worldview

Mary Poplin  UC Santa Barbara 2009 veritas.org

Michael Easley – Don’t let the world teach you theology

Why we believe what we believe 

 Michael Easley

One of the best lectures I have heard a week ago on the radio (WMBI 90.1 Chicago) by one of the former  presidents of Moody Bible Institute Chicago, as he addresses students at Moody. This is a great lecture for students planning to attend college, those already attending and most especially for parents. The lecture  is only 23 minutes long (and is audio only). The complete CD set of this Moody Today in the Word series can be purchased here.

Dr. Michael Easley

Michael Easley is teaching pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, Tenn., and a former president of Moody Bible Institute. He and his wife, Cindy, have four children.

Link to the Outline/Notes in pdf  form Page 1  and Page 2 here.

“But my fear is that most believers in Jesus Christ have no biblical world theology. They have no clue what it means to live in a world with a biblical grid.”
“Why you believe what you believe must govern all that you do.”
“No fact of contemporary western life is more evident than its growing distrust of a final truth and that is implacable questioning of any sure word”. Karl Henry in God Revelation and Authority
“We fight fact, we fight truth is what he‟s saying.”

Click here to Listen Now (mp3 file) Dr. Michael Easley talks about the crucial importance of knowing why we believe what we believe and reminds us about the role daily Bible reading has in forming our biblical worldview. He talks about how every ivy league university in the US started as theology schools with a Biblical world view, and eventually turned liberal due to the presidents they had.

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