Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction

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Pornography hijacks this sex drive that God created, and we neurologically “bond” to images rather than our spouse.

But the good news is that God renews our minds with His truth. Each time we say “no” to porn or lust or masturbation we strengthen the prefrontal cortex of our brains. Each time we choose another healthy and rewarding behavior it further solidifies a new neural pathway, which — in Black’s words — allows the “grass to grow over” the old neural pathway for porn. –

The good news (and unfortunately not talked about much) is that there can be a reversal, once internet porn is abandoned. See second video – Tedx talk.

Anatomy & physiology teacher, and author of „Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction”, explains the  forces behind porn’s appeal, how the brain changes in response to supernormal stimulation, and what makes today’s Internet porn different from static porn of the past. For more, visit „Your Brain On Porn”

The great porn experiment

 Gary Wilson | TEDxGlasgow

In response to Philip Zimbardo’s „The Demise of Guys?” TED talk, Gary Wilson asks whether our brains evolved to handle the hyperstimulation of today’s Internet enticements. He also discusses the disturbing symptoms showing up in some heavy Internet users, the surprising reversal of those symptoms, and the science behind these 21st century phenomena.

Gary is host of The site arose in response to a growing demand for solid scientific information by heavy Internet erotica users experiencing perplexing, unexpected effects: escalation to more extreme material, concentration difficulties, sexual performance problems, radical changes in sexual tastes, social anxiety, irritability, inability to stop, and obsessive-compulsive symptoms.

As a physiology teacher with a particular interest in the latest neuroscience discoveries, Gary was aware that their symptoms might be the result of addiction-related brain changes. Applying the website’s concepts of brain plasticity, many former users have braved withdrawal, reversed their symptoms and restored normal sexual responsiveness.

The site has been linked to from hundreds of threads in forums from over thirty countries, with posts numbering in the thousands. Gary blogs for „Psychology Today” and „The Good Men Project” on the extreme plasticity of adolescent brains, the evolutionary context for today’s flood of novel cyber „mates,” and the neurochemical reasons why superstimulating Internet delivery has unexpected effects on the brain.

VIDEO by TEDx Talks

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