3 short ‘Chapel of the Air’ LIVE Interviews with Leonard Ravenhill

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leonard ravenhillLeonard Hill interviewed on the following 3 topics on a radio program called ‘Chapel of the Air’. Here are some very brief highlights from the 3 interviews featured on this video:

  1. Local Church – Ravenhill is asked to give the church in North America a grade and to tell why he picks that number. Responds Ravenhill: „On a scale of 1 to 1-, I would give the church, I am thinking of the Evanglical Church, about a 4, because I sense a lack of a eternity and the majesty of God in current evangelism.” When asked how he would strive to correct and what he would change, Ravenhill responds: „We need to have a recovery, I’m sure, of the awesome majesty of God.I asked a congregation last Sunday: Did you come here tonight to meet God, or to hear a sermon about God? I’ve asked that many times, in many churches, and only once did I get a response from one person: ‘Well, I do come to meet God’…….”
  2. 13th minute mark – Seminaries – Leonard is asked, of all the men he has trained under, formal and informal, which one influenced him the most. Ravenhill responds: „Without question, Samuel Chadwick. I happened to be born in Leeds, England, at about the time that Samuel Chadwick had a local revival in the city, that cleared up the night spots, closed taverns and everything. And again, it was only in the course of his preaching, which by the way was the same as the revival of 1725 that came in the ordinary course of a faithful pastor’s ministry, that was Jonathan Edwards. He could have held up and said: „George Whitfield’s coming into town, soon, but there was no staging of anything, there was no projecting of human personalities. It was just that the Holy Ghost came. ” Ravenhill is asked about seminaries and if he were to teach a course, what subject would he want to teach that course on? Ravenhill responds: „I think I would teach it on revival. I am sometimes accused of being anti-intellectual. But the great Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, in his great church at Westminster Abbey, he taught with me about revival. And he said that he believed that Jonathan Edwards was the greatest intellectual America has ever had…..”
  3. 24th minute mark – How religion is seen on radio and television. Ravenhill is asked if religious radio and television is good or bad. Ravenhill responds: „We haven’t much in England and of course it’s state controlled. In the United States, the stuff that’s offered is so shallow. I mean, this is too severe, again, I say: if John the Baptist preached on radio on Sunday, would he get on the next Sunday? Or Elijah?” Ravenhill wrote about the dangers of misusing media in some of his early books: „Finney inspired countless evangelists to seek revival and that they could produce revival anywhere, using means selected by themselves, to decide what they should use…. In TV evangelism today, I find people totally revolted at the begging that goes on. I mean, why should a man that has $15,000 income a year and who is struggling to keep his farm or his family together, why should he send his tithes to a man who has $55,000 a year and all his expenses paid? I think it’s immoral. I mean, in the old stories in England, Robin Hood robbed the rich to help the poor. Now we rob the poor to help the rich. These big fellows live in ostentation, and they have private jets. I think that most of these ministers are filthy with filthy lucre. And I used to say that before long, the church will suffer for the sin of America. Now, I believe America will suffer for the sin of the church. When you think, a number of them get in almost a million dollars a week, coming in. How will they answer at the judgment seat for the ways they use it.” When asked, if he were asked to address the National Religious Broadcasters Group, and he felt led to accept, what would Ravenhill preach to that group? Ravenhill answers: „I would preach on hell. All the great revivalists were strong on hell. You can take Moody, you can take Finney, you can take Jonathan Edwards. They didn’t do it with a barking, horrible, gravel voice. They did it with tears and brokenness. I don’t see very much brokenness and tears. I believe the next revival will come through the local churches with men who have been waiting on God…..

VIDEO by SermonIndex.net

America’s Future Is Bleak „Unless God Moves Like a Tornado Through This Land – John Piper interviewed by Marvin Olasky

Story from World Magazine via http://www.blackchristiannews.com Photo from Bethlehem College and Seminary via World Magazine

When you read the last five chapters of Judges with its refrain about having no king in Israel, so everyone does what is right in his own eyes: Does that seem like modern America? „Everyone does what is right in his own eyes” sounds very much like modern skepticism or relativism or postmodernism, in that we have abandoned absolutes and right and wrong. Without faithful representatives of King Jesus in the churches, people will do their own thing.
What do you think the United States will look like in 10 or 20 years? I’m not optimistic, but I do believe in the absolute sovereignty of God who could be pleased in the eleventh hour of our self-destruction to move like a tornado through this land and cause people to wake up and say, „We’ve been insane.” It’s insane to kill babies. It’s insane to define marriage as two men having long-term sex with each other. God could move through our culture and cause people to say, „We’ve been in a fog, under a darkness, so that we couldn’t see you don’t kill babies and you don’t call that marriage.” That could happen. I will pray until I’m dead that it will happen.
If it doesn’t? I will reflect on Romans 1 where Paul projects the implications of people living against nature: receiving the penalty in their own bodies. We are going to wake up after this marriage fiasco in 10, 15, or 20 years, and the fruit of it will be absolutely devastating for children, for all the legal implications we haven’t thought of, for thousands of people who tried their best to manage their undesired same-sex orientation and didn’t get any help from the leaders of their land. Who knows what will follow in terms of polygamy and other kinds of sex once you have said a woman who wants a baby not to exist has the right to make it not exist, and you have the right to call „marriage” whatever you want to call it. Then there are no philosophical roadblocks to taking lives at lots of other times and calling lots of other things marriage.
It’s extremely politically incorrect for you to say these things. Political correctness means there is a way to talk that will prove least offensive to the cultural elite, or whoever you happen to be talking to with the authority and power to shut you down. I know Jesus hates that because Matthew told the story of the Sadducees who came to Him and asked, „By what authority are you doing these things, and who gave you this authority?” Jesus replied that they should first tell Him if the baptism of John was from heaven or from man? The Sadducees discussed His challenge and concluded if they say it’s from man, the crowd will stone them, but if they say it’s from heaven Jesus will ask why they didn’t believe him.
So they said something politically correct? They replied, „We don’t know,” and Jesus refused to answer them. Jesus won’t talk to people like that. I don’t like to be put in a position where Jesus won’t talk to me. Therefore I abominate political correctness. I abominate calculating your words so that you get acceptance by sacrificing truth.

You’ve mentioned two kinds of Christians. Please develop that. There are coronary Christians and adrenaline Christians. Adrenaline is given you for an immediate moment of wild and wonderful and courageous activity—and then it’s gone and you feel depleted. Coronary Christians are those whose wonderful blessed heart just goes “lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub.” It just goes on and on.

What’s an example of a coronary Christian? If you’re a mom and you’ve got kids in public school, I think what God wants you to do is to go to PTA meetings and stand up and say what needs to be said no matter what happens. Say what’s inappropriate for 6-year-olds in sex education; say what needs to be done in science class. We need to get beyond the sense that “if I can’t fix it, I won’t talk.” You’re not called to fix it. You are called to talk and keep talking until you don’t have a voice in you anymore.

A lot of pro-life people have persevered that way. Here in the Twin Cities, Pro-Life Action Ministries has been around all the time I’ve been a pastor. Some folks over there are just as steady as they go. They’ve been here forever. It is hard to stay in pro-life work and keep at it. It’s hard to be a crisis-counseling ministry. It’s hard to do street ministry and mobilize people for street counseling and prayer vigils—and they have been doing it for decades. We are not even on the same page theologically. I know that, but I’ve got to admire stick-to-itiveness.

Click here to read more.
Marvin Olasky

John Piper Interview for World Magazine from Bethlehem College and Seminary on Vimeo.

Adi Gliga – Impresii din Calatoria in SUA – America are nevoie de un Pustan



Poza: Adi Gliga predicand la Biserica Philadelphia Chicago
Adi Gliga Philadelphia 2

Mircea Tipei de la blogul Family to Family a publicat un interviu cu Adi Gliga dupa calatoria recenta a lui Adi prin SUA. Cateva puncte interesante din interviu.


* …au fost puţine locurile unde ne-am simţit mai puţin bine. În mare parte am avut bucuria să întâlnim oameni foarte credincioşi, care ne-au primit cu multă dragoste.

*Chiar dacă au fost doi sau trei oameni mai insensibili la care am sesizat ceva răutate, asta nu înseamnă că ceilalţi oameni care ne-au ascultat şi ne-au încurajat trebuie băgaţi în aceeaşi oală…. Am observat cât de mult a încercat Diavolul să mă oprească să vorbesc în America şi s-a folosit de aceşti oameni.

Partea mea favorita din interviu? Acest raspuns al lui Adi la intrebarea: Cum sunt tinerii romani din America?

Pustan la Barbulesti* Tinerii din America au nevoie de oameni sinceri, de modele. Noi am încercat să le vorbim, chiar dacă nu s-a dorit pe alocuri acest lucru, totuşi, cred că am intrat în vizorul lor şi că prin media vor avea ocazia să vadă că se poate mai mult.

Sunt sinceri şi doresc mai mult decât au în ceea ce priveşte viaţa spirituală. Din nefericire, am perceput creştinismul din America, din bisericile Române mai rămas în urmă decât cel de la noi, din Romania. E nevoie de mai mult. De un Pustan în America. Nu ar avea viaţă lungă acolo, dar ar merita încercat.

Cititi interviul in intregime la saitul Family to Family aici – http://family2fam.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/interviu-adi-gliga/

Poza – Vladimir Pustan predicand la Barbulesti Iunie 2013

Vezi si

Adi Gliga

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  4. Adi Gliga si Catalin Ciuculescu in concert la Agape Church – Los Angeles – Mesaj din Concluzia turneului SUA

Un interview realizat de Petru Amarei cu Adi Gliga si Catalin Ciuculescu in iunie 2013:

Simplu si Smerit from RTN Chicago on Vimeo.

Kirk Cameron Interview at First Baptist Church Roanoke

Ray Comfort Kirk Cameron Todd Friel caricture

Dr. Bryan Smith had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Christian actor, Kirk Cameron. Kirk was at First Roanoke with the „Love Worth FIghting For” marriage event. This event was designed to strengthen and encourage the marriages in our church family (at First Roanoke).

Kirk first heard the Gospel at the age of 17, when he responded to a friends’ invitation and he attended a church pastored by Chuck Swindoll. He says that the biggest change in perspective for him was that it’s not about him, but that because this is God’s world, does God even care that he (Kirk) exists in light of his sins? Now, at about the same time, someone had given him a new age book to read which said exactly the opposite:  (that) „You are god, and you just need to feel that,” and although that fit very well with an egocentric celebrity, through God’s grace Kirk became a Christ follower.

Web Exclusive: Kirk Cameron – Full Interview from First Baptist Church Roanoke on Vimeo.

Joni Eareckson Tada interview October 2012

Joni Eareckson TadaEach time I watch a new video of Joni, or sometimes I re-watch an old one, I just have to reassess my whole life over again.  I’ll give you an example: in the beginning of the interview Joni talks about her struggles with trying to put her husband first and cites an example of waking up at 2 am with discomfort and trying to ascertain whether she should wake him up, so that he can reposition her, or if she can try and make it til morning in her discomfort, so that she can allow him a to have a full night’s sleep. Joni and Ken were married in 1982, 15 full years after her swimming accident, in which she broke her neck and became a quadriplegic. Thus, Joni has been teaching us about God’s grace through affliction for 46 years, ever since that fateful day, one month after her high school graduation.

More videos to watch and posts to read about Joni here-

  1. Joni’s full biography and how she paints for the glory of God
  2. About her stage 3 breast cancer journey in 2010

Here is the recent interview with Joni, by Marvin Olaski from October 4 , 2012.

Interview with at Patrick Henry College

Joni Eareckson Tada Songs (subtitrare-cantari)

Tim Challies Interviews Paul Washer

The Jesus-Centered Church: An Interview with Matt Chandler

Tony interviews Matt Chandler about his new book Creature of the Word: The Jesus-Centered Church. Published on Nov 2, 2012 by 

Kirk Cameron Interviews John MacArthur – What is the Gospel?

Published on Jul 17, 2012 by 

John MacArthur talks about what the true Gospel really is.

Mark Driscoll interviews Matt Chandler

Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington poses several questions to Matt Chandler, Pastor of the Village Church in the Dallas area in Texas and also the new president of ACTS29, an international church planting organization about his new book – The explicit Gospel and about the difficulty of preaching and leading a church.

Here’s a quote from Matt Chandler that is an accurate description of someone who „assumes” the Gospel:

„People in the heartland are very informed about what the Bible teaches on holiness and what a Christian’s life should look like, but without a love for Jesus and an understanding of his justifying and adopting work on the cross, [they] lack the ability to joyfully pursue God’s commanded holiness.

So they find themselves in a state of self-righteousness because they compare their strengths to other people’s weaknesses and feel better about themselves….  then they get so discouraged trying to be good enough for God that they eventually bail on the church and Jesus because they think they tried him, but never really did.

You can read the entire interview here at http://pastormark.tv/2012/05/22/a-q-a-with-matt-chandler-about-his-new-book

Unusual Music (4) Matt Gilman – Kiss my Heart (Song of Songs)

More unusual songs:

Matt Gilman via Facebook photo shelleypaulson.com

Wonderful song! Takes a strong man to sing this way about Christ. A song from Solomons Song of Songs.

From Matt’s Facebook Page: Matt Gilman has been leading worship since he was fourteen years old, having grown up in ministry with his father, a Lutheran pastor. In 2002, when Matt was a senior in high school, he arrived at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOP-KC) thinking he was just attending a conference about music, his favorite subject. “As soon as I walked into the building I knew this was different. It was not at all what I was expecting. God began to shake me to the core as He opened up a whole new understanding of worship with the Word of God. I knew right away this is what I was made for,” Matt explains, “Something was awakened in my spirit and I knew I had to have more.”

He returned to join the onething™ Internship, a six-month program for single young adults between the ages of 18 and 25, which is designed to be a season of consecration unto the Lord. Matt says the internship, which included up to 24 hours a week in the prayer room, was like a new world opening up to him, „the Lord would meet me there. I was searching out the heart of God and giving myself to concentration…The best part is that I was joined with a community of young people who were going after God with the same wholehearted abandonment.”

Matt’s musical creativity stems from one source, but comes in a variety of ways. He says that many times when leading in the Prayer Room certain lyrics or a melody will just come to him, providing the basis for a new song, but other times he’s had to sit for hours to write them. He believes it’s crucial for songwriters to have time set aside in their schedule to simply sit with their instrument and their Bible, and just sing the Word of the Lord back to Him. But sometimes, it’s just as easy as sleep, „The Lord may reveal a melody in a prophetic dream and I’ll wake up singing it. That’s what happened with my song ‘Closer’. The first line was given to me in a dream and I sat down at the piano to play it, and the rest of the song just flowed.”

Matt is motivated by a desire to see people grasp the reality of who God is, and believes this is crucial in order for them to continue in the faith. „It’s imperative that this generation become fascinated by God. I want my music to provoke my generation to be fascinated by God. I want them to know His beauty. ”

You can also watch a short video of this very young man who loves the Lord, the Word and praise and worship. Click here for video.

Martin Bashir -Interviewed about „Love Wins” (Part 1-4, 40 minutes)

Journalist and Nightline anchor Martin Bashir ...

Image via Wikipedia

Martin Bashir, who was born into a Muslim family, became a Christianand recently interviewed Rob Bell for MSNBC is interviewed by Edward Bell. Thanks to Sasha for the link.

To watch martin Bashir’s original interview of Rob Bell click her.

Videos play immediately after the completion of each clip (4 clips)

In video- Martin Bashir says- book has historical errors…is disingenuous,,, and uses deliberate avoidance of material that doesn’t work in his favor. Some great insights from Martin Bashir.

Videourile Vodpod nu mai sunt disponibile.

1st collector for Martin Bashir -Interviewed about „Love Wins” (P…
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