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Vizita lui Joni Eareckson Tada cu Becky Oprean la o biserica romana, aici –

Joni Eareckson Tada interviews Becky Oprean:
Interview with Becky Oprean #1Listen to Joni interview Becky, a young woman with spina bifida who has a ministry for special-needs families in Romania

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JONI: Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada with a special guest today. I met Becky Oprean many years ago when her family immigrated to America from Romania. Becky has spina bifida and her parents believed she could receive better medical help here than in their eastern European nation. Well, as soon as I met Becky, I was drawn to this kid – with her winsome smile, dark eyes and happy spirit, I knew she was going places! She may use a wheelchair, but that doesn’t slow her down. Becky, welcome to the program!BECKY: Thank you so much, Joni. It’s an honor to be here. You are my dear friend, my hero every since we met 15 years ago.

JONI: I tell you what, you humble me just with those words alone. First, you have been to Romania many times since those days we first met. What is it like to be a kid in Romania, a kid who has a significant disability?

BECKY: It’s very hard for a family that has a child with special needs to live there because there are no ramps, lots of stairs and no wheelchair accessibility, and also it’s very sad—even in churches there is no way for a family that has special needs to get into a church. Even the people there cannot accept a family that has a child with special needs because they say that you are cursed by God, and so my heart and my prayer is that churches will embrace, love, accept and have a compassionate heart for families that have children with special needs. Myself, I’m honored and blessed to have a great family that loves me and to be born here.

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