An unusual poem by Jackie Hill – What has happened to us church?

This poem transcends race, position and denominational barrier and shakes us up…

Thanks to G. Bogdan for this link. A few lines from the 6 minute poem:

  • What has happened to us church?
  • Instead of getting excited about the glory of God, we’d rather be entertained like human iPods, touched by everything that makes love to our 5 senses (see,smell,touch,hear,feel).
  •’re emotionally inclined to base things on how you feel instead of on the truth.
  • Your body has been affected with sin and Jesus Christ is your prescription. But, instead of you cleaning out the ‘old man’ residue with qtips covered in conviction, produced in repentance, you’r rather stand behind old negro spiritual songs (old style worship) because you can’t stand the master’s whoopings.
  • …preachers are feeding us Dr. Phil sermons disguised as truth, Oprah Winfrey philosophy…
  • How many of you actually believe you can ‘speak things into existence’? Yet, when I search the scriptures I see that that was a power that belonged to God, and God alone.

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P4CM presents Rhetoric 2012, the largest Christian Poetry event. Featured P4CM Poet Jackie Hill delivered her poem „Jig-A-Boo” in front of an audience of nearly 3,000 people. For more poetry and to know when the next Rhetoric will take please check out:

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