Laos: Former Soldier, Bounchan Kanthavong, Jailed for Christian Witness (Video)

Many Americans have more than one Bible in our homes. But in countries like Laos, believers risk their lives to get a copy of God’s word.

Bounchan Kanthavong, a Khmu Christian, was imprisoned for his Christian witness in the communist nation.

Prior to finding Christ, he served as a soldier and later as assistant district governor.

His job took him to Christian villages, where he became intrigued by the villagers worship. Eventually he became a believer and couldn’t stop sharing his new-found faith.

„I went back to my home church and talked about God,” Kanthavong told Voice of the Martyrs during an interview. „Many people would come; they wanted to become Christians. Soon, the whole village would come.”

The government, however, was not so receptive to Kanthavong’s conversion and imprisoned him for 15 years.

But instead of food or freedom, what Kanthavong wanted more than anything was to read the scriptures.

This eye-opening documentary features the inspiring testimony of Bounchan who was imprisoned and tortured for his Christian witness in the Southeast Asian nation of Laos. Instead of food, what he wanted more than anything was a Bible. Prior to finding Christ, Bounchan served his communist country as a soldier and later as Assistant District Governor. The following powerful re-enactment demonstrates his overcoming faith and perseverance in the midst of persecution, while highlighting the importance of writing letters to those imprisoned for the sake of Christ!

Length 5:30 minutes. From The Voice of the Martyrs USA VOM C.

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