Science and Faith – Jeff Zweerink, PhD


St. James Clerkenwell (August 2014) – Lecture by scientist Jeff Zweerink.


VIDEO by Christianity Reason and Science

4 C’s of Science Apologetics – Jeff Zweerink, PhD

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Being confident, clear, credible and compelling.

Zweering: Our confidence, ultimately resides in this: We can be completely confident that if God is who He says He is, what He has revealed through Scripture and what He has revealed through creation, when we properly interpret them at the end of the day, they’re gonna say the same thing.So we don’t have to worry about fining this discovery in science that’s gonna show the Bible’s wrong. Now. we can expect that there’s gonna be places where there’s tension, where things seem to be in conflict. But, when we genuinely look and get down to the bottom of well and figure out what’s going on, we’re gonna find that they actually agree with one another. And a lot of my confidence in my apologetics arises from having done that enough times, where I’ve gone in and dug in: „This seems to be a conflict. Dig into what Scripture really says. Dig into what the science really says. Ah, no, they’re not in conflict here.”

„Ultimately, I was driven to the realization that if God created the universe, and I am completely convinced that He has,  and if God is the inspiration for Scripture, and ‘m completely convinced that He is, then that scientific discovery (to prove Christianity wrong) will never happen. Because, as we study God’s revelation in Creation and as we study God’s revelation in Scripture, when we’ve properly done our homework, they’ve gotta say the same thing, if God is who He says He is and I’m convinced of that.

Zweerink on the Space/Time Theorems: If the universe contains massand if general relativity reliably describes cosmic dynamics, then space and time must be created by a Causal Agent transcending space and time, matter and energy… To say it another way: The universe began to exist , and that space, time, energy that began requires a cause that exists outside space, time, matter, and energy. As long as general relativity is true, the universe has a beginning and there’s something outside the universe that caused it to begin… (July 2014) – Lecture by scientist Jeff Zweerink (PhD in astrophysics at Iowa State University). VIDEO by Christianity Reason and Science

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