Jews for Jesus presents Awakening (narrated by Stephen Baldwin)

You can watch another video from Jews for Jesus here.

Jews for Jesus. Every summer they take one month in New York to spread the good news of Jesus, they call it „Making the Messiah-ship of Jesus and unavoidable issue to our jewish people”. It is a tradition that started in 1974 with its founder, Moishe Rosen, who brought in a group of twenty somethings into New York, to do „something outrageous” – to share the gospel in a public way. Radical street evangelism was a top priority in order to awaken New Yorkers to the issue of Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.

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Directed by award winners Herb & Amy Kossover and narrated by actor Stephen Baldwin, the 30-minute DVD Awakening transports you to the streets of New York as Jews for Jesus’ next generation of missionaries engages seekers with the gospel.

Social media, including Twitter and Facebook are employed along with tried and true broadsides (contemporary humorous tracts), music and street surveys. Many reject their message. Others have their lives changes forever. The work is physically demanding and emotionally draining. But as Jews for Jesus’ Rebekah Smith puts it, „It’s awakening the Jewish community. If we don’t do it, who’s going to?”

Awakening will inspire you to share your faith, partner with Jews for Jesus and pray hard for these efforts.

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Albert Mohler on Larry King: Should Christians Stop Trying to Convert Jews?

I came across this video that, although it is 12 years old, it has just recently been uploaded (November 2011). It is heartening to watch Albert Mohler debate and note has he not lost any of his fire and evangelistic zeal in all those years.

Interesting to note (at about the 8th minute) that the biggest objection coming from Rabbi Hier happens to be on the matter of hell, or as he calls it that eternal „barbecue” and wants to dismiss Mohler’s „Christian” religion because it believes that Jews will go to that eternal „barbecue” just because they don’t believe in Christianity’s Christ. And surprisingly Larry King comes to the aid of Mohler’s response when rabbi Boteach says some of the most ludicrous things I have heard in attacking Christians desire to evangelize the Jews. He calls Christian evangelism spiritual apartheid.

Rabbi Hier’s objection is that it’s okay to proselytize, but he thinks Jews for Jesus are deceptive because they wear the prayer shawls and „pretend” they are Jewish when they proselytize. Throughout, his argument tends to  suggest that somehow Christian Jews are to deny their Jewish heritage because it is deceiving to other Jews to still pretend to be Jewish in order to proselytize and gain innocent trust.

Aired January 12, 2000 – 9:00 p.m. ET on CNN. Al Mohler with David Brickner (Jews for Jesus), Rabbi Marvin Hier (Simon Wiesenthal Center)  and Rabbi Schmuley Boteach (Oxford L’chaim Scoiety)

You can read the CNN manuscript here.

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Street Evangelism – by Jews for Jesus

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This video was filmed in downtown Chicago in 1985 with Jhan Moskowitz, the founder of Jews for Jesus.

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You may not think street evangelists makes much of an impact, but wherever the Word of God is proclaimed, it shall not return void. I thought it would be interesting to post these kinds of videos in order for us to see how it is done and though most of us may shy away from something this bold, may God embolden us to at least have these kinds of conversations with people we encounter in our every day lives. I learned a lot watching Jahn Moskowitz especially at about the 24th minute when he stops and tries to talk to an atheist student and as much as the student wants to walk away, Jahn is ready for every objection and finally gets his tract in the students’ hand. Jahn is an inspiration. Jews for Jesus has now expanded to additional cities. Pray for the Jewish people who don’t know Jesus. Pray for all who don’t know Jesus as Savior.

Here is another Jews for Jesus production Uploaded by  to counter a minority Jewish claim that Paul was a Gentile and not a real Jew:

Travels With the Apostle Paul

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