Ways to fight the temptation of pornography

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From TheResurgence.com written by BJ Stockman, written in 2012, but very insightful. Please click to read through the bullet by bullet points Stockman makes as he elaborates on these 9 points.

  • 1. Fight lustful images with the knowledge of God’s written Word.

  • 2. Realize that viewing porn unleashes insatiable craving but kills genuine satisfaction.

  • 3. Treat all women who are not your wife like sisters and mothers (1 Titus 5:2).

  • 4. Sever the sources of temptation to view porn.

  • 5. Think about the eternal result of lust.

  • 6. Enjoy the pleasures of purity more than the pleasures of porn.

  • 7. Avoid accountability groups. (Please read why)

  • 8. Stare at Jesus, not at porn.

  • 9. Fight as sons and daughters of God.

Read the entire article here – http://theresurgence.com/2012/03/10/9-ways-to-fight-the-temptation-of-pornography

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