Coplesit de creatia lui Dumnezeu – Fulgere, aurora si rasarit de soare – Timelapse – Lightning, aurora and sunrise

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This timelapse video from space has it all: an orbit of Earth with lightning and aurora, followed by a space sunrise and daytime views of our cloudy planet. The images were taken by ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst as he orbited Earth on the International Space Station at around 400 km altitude. The nighttime video shows a Soyuz spacecraft that ferries the astronauts to the outpost. At the end of the video green aurora can be seen as Earth’s interacts with solar radiation.

The International Space Station travels at 28 800 km/h meaning that it only takes 90 minutes to circle Earth completely. Each orbit the Station moves around 2200 km to the West in relation to 90 minutes before.

Astronauts often use normal consumer digital cameras to take pictures of Earth through Europe’s observatory module Cupola in their spare time. Setting the camera to take an image every few seconds and then playing the images back quickly create this timelapse effect.

Alexander worked as a geophysicist and volcanologist before he was chosen as an ESA astronaut in 2009. His Blue Dot mission includes an extensive scientific programme of experiments in physical science, biology, and human physiology as well as radiation research and technology demonstrations. All experiments chosen make use of the out-of-this-world laboratory to improve life on Earth or prepare for further human exploration of our Solar System.

VIDEO by European Space Agency, ESA

The Achilles’ Heel of the Next Generation

Piper: I have a concern with what God, I think, is doing in your generation, and how it could so easily be short circuited. I really do believe God is doing a remarkable thing in the young adult generation, in America. There are all kinds of movements. Some of these movements don’t even know the others exist, and they consist of tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of young people. It is remarkable. You go from coast to coast, and northwest to northeast to south, and you find these amazing outcroppings of young people who are passionate for the supremacy of God, they’re passionate for doctrine, they’re passionate for biblical truth, they’re passionate for global concerns and world evangelization.

And so, I’m concerned, when I see what could be achilles’ heels, that could break the whole thing open and cause it to just dribble away into nothingness. And one of those things is the disconnect between the majesty of God and – the movies you watch- just to choose an example. There’s an awakening to the majesty of God around the country, there’s a filling of hearts with God centered, Christ exalting Bible saturated songs. It is remarkable that in the contemporary worship awakening, when you leave all the fluff to the side, at the center, the majesty of the God who shines through is most remarkable. Photo via

wiresThere’s the giving of zeal for truth and biblical doctrine, back and forth, among young people and I’m concerned that there are some loose wires dangling, between the majesty of God that is sung about in the services, that causes people to soar with the kind of emotional euphoria about the greatness of God and the wires of our daily practical detailed lives.

  • They dangle disconnected between big thoughts about God and big appetites for beer.
  • They dangle disconnected between infinite purity of God and the lure of pornography.
  • They dangle disconnected between the majesty of Christ and the carelessly attended default weekend movie. No questions asked. It’s just the thing to do.
  • They dangle disconnected between white hot all satisfying divine holiness and hip huggers and plunging necklines.

As long as these wires dangle disconnected, the supremacy of God in our songs and the passion for personal holiness in our daily lives are not going to be working the way they’re supposed to. And the whole movement could come apart.

VIDEO by DGJohnPiper from the message „Don’t Waste Your Life” September 19, 2007

Understanding without Transformation

If the lightning bolts of corporate worship don’t strike with shattering power in the details of your life, the whole storm may prove to be a laser show. It wasn’t really lightning after all, it was just man made.

I am jealous for your generation, that the great work God is doing, not being merely flashing on the lightning in the sky. This is the other image I had in my mind, besides the wiring image. It seems to me that when a big group of students get together with great music, with solid lyrics and a solid vision of God, that the singing goes on, and the lightning is flashing in the sky. I mean, genuine spiritual sights of God are flashing and THE BOLTS MAY NEVER HIT THE GROUND. If you’ve ever watched a thunderstorm, there are different types of thunderstorms. Some thunderstorms you watch, there are lights everywhere, but you never see a thunderbolt hit and the lights going out. And if the lightning that is flashing in our worship services at church never strikes the ground you walk on, you probably, within a half an hour after that service will feel zero power. I would so much be jealous for that not to happen. Photo on left via

God is in the details and it’s a fearful thought (I apply it to my church). It’s a fearful thought, isn’t it? To say, „If the lightning bolts of corporate worship don’t strike with shattering power in the details of your life, the whole storm may prove to be a laser show.” It wasn’t really lightning after all, it was just man made. Laser beams. And we thought it was lightning, and worship felt like lightning in worship, but, from a distance of an hour later, as I cave before this temptation, it looks like a (man made) laser beam, from here, now. And I would, so much, like to be an instrument in God’s hand and say, „Lord, let the lightning fall. Don’t just let it go around up here… let it come down and strike the ground where these students walk.

In awe of God’s creation – Bizarre and Beautiful Natural Phenomena – Fenomene naturale si bizare, dar frumoase


Also known as the algal bloom, the Red Tide is the rapid accumulation of estuarine, marine, or fresh water algae in a water column, which tints the water red. When the algae, or phytoplankton, accumulate in such a manner, they form dense clouds near the water’s surface. Since the phytoplankton is usually brown, red and green, the water, naturally, reflects this colour on the surface.

Cunoscut de asemenea ca boboc de alge, Fluxul Roşu este acumularea rapida de  estuarine lagunar, marine, sau alge de apa proaspata intr-o coloana de apă, care schimba culoarea apei in roşu. Când algele, sau phytoplankton, se acumulaza  intr-un astfel de mod, ele formeaza nori densi aproape de suprafaţa apei. Deoarece phytoplankton este de obicei maro, roşu şi verde, apa, in mod natural, reflectă această culoare pe suprafaţă.
The Fire Rainbow is the colloquial term for the atmospheric phenomenon, circumhorizontal arc. The rainbow occurs when the sun is more than 58 degrees above the horizon, and the light emitted passes through a cirrus clouds.
Curcubeul de foc este termenul pentru un fenomen atmosferic, arcul circumhorizontal. Curcubeul apare atunci cand nivelul de înaltare al soarelui este mai mare de 58 º, si lumina emisă trece prin nori cirrus.

The Catatumbo Lighting occurs on the mouth of the Catatumbo River at Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. It is an atmospheric delight, which creates incessant, powerful flashes of lightning. The phenomenon occurs because of a mass of storm clouds that form a voltage arc more than three miles high. The incessant storm clouds are the result of strong winds blowing across the lake and the surrounding plains, colliding with the high mountain ridges of the surrounding Andes, Perija Mountains and Meridas Cordillera. The lightning is visible 140 to 160 nights a year, for ten hours per day, and up to 280 times every hour. This equates to over a million electrical discharges per year.

Fulgerele Catatumbo apar la gura raului Catatumbo pe Lacul Maracaibo, in Venezuela. Este o delectare atmosferica, care produce lumini puternice de peste 4 kilometri inaltime. Fulgerele sunt vizibile aprox 140 – 160 de zile pe an, pana la 10 ore pe zi si de 280 de ori pe ora din cauza furtunelor cauzate de vanturi puternice care se ciocnesc cu varfurile muntilor Andes, Perija si Meridas Cordilerra.

The Naga fireballs are a natural, inexplicable phenomenon witnessed along the Mekong River, in Thailand and Laos. They refer to the glowing, reddish balls, which vary in size and rise from the water into the air, before disappearing. The bizarre event takes place every October during the full moon. It is estimated between tens and thousands of fireballs shoot from the river, some reaching a hundred meters in height. Though many scientists have attempted to explain the phenomenon (commonly as a spontaneous ignition of gases from the river), there is no substantial evidence to back their theories

Fulgere globulare. Acestea, denumite si „mingi de foc”, care variaza de la dimensiunea unei mingi de golf la cea a uneia de fotbal, pot fi observate de obicei in timpul furtunilor. Nu emana vreun miros si nu degaja caldura. In general, dispar simplu atunci cand intalnesc ceva electric, insa uneori explodeaza violent, declansand flacari. Fulgerele globulare au preocupat de secole oamenii de stiinta, insa nici pana in prezent nu a fost gasita o explicatie clara.

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