Humanizing God and Christian Selfishness by Lou Sutera

If man is man, and if God is God … You know what our problem is, for our day, men and women? We have done something to God. He’s no longer the God of the Bible in our minds. The tragedy is we have humanized  him and brought Him down to such a low level that you can hardly say that God is God.

But, I hope God has a group of people here tonight who will say, „We want the God who is God. And Brooks said, „If man is man,” and we are, „and if God is God, then not only is it awful not to pray, it is foolish not to pray. You have not because you ask not. Well, my brothers and sisters, we should become a praying people….

James Kennedy: The selfishness of our day has mingled itself with the incense of our prayers. It is to be feared that our selfishness prays more than our gratitude and praise.



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