Louie Giglio on Pentecost – A Trinitarian revolution of the heart

A Trinitarian revolution of the heart – message from ASPIRE Southern Baptist Conference

Louie Giglio  is Lead Pastor PassionCity Church, Atlanta Georgia and Founder of Passion Conferences.

Jesus is doing, on every continent, what He said, „I will build My church”. He orchestrates history, He is God and there’s no one like Him. If you signed Jesus up to help you build YOUR church, you’re in trouble. But if you are having Jesus order you around to build His church, you are on to something.

We do not have tiny power, we have the same power that God used to raise the crucified Lord from the dead. The kind of power that can change cities and crack history, that is the kind of power we have.

Ephesians 3:20

20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,

I’d like to talk about a Trinitarian revolution of the heart. God is always at work and is wanting to do more (not just in the sense of the measurable increments) …but in what we can do. He is always wanting to show up in a way, to move in a way that makes it clear to everyone that these people did not do this on their own and when that happens, glory comes to God. God gets the glory in the church.

Talks about people who are afraid of the third part of the trinity- the Holy Spirit. He makes 2 points – People don’t speak or celebrate Pentecost (even though around the world people count the 50 days from Easter and praise God for the day when the Holy Spirit came and blew the church away. You remember that it is a trinitarian thing that empowers the church’s ministry. The Holy Spirit leads us to truth (John 14) And, He will testify  to Jesus. And, by the way, the Holy Spirit is a Person. He is not an „it”.  When the Holy Spirit comes, he doesn’t make much about the Holy Spirit, he’s gonna make it all about Jesus. The Holy Spirit loves to testify about Jesus. In a Spirit filled church you are talking all about Jesus. And when the city hears Jesus’ name and not your (church) name big things are going to happen.


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