The not so nice side of the Maldives –

The people living on the island of Maldives don’t even have the Old Testament translated in their own language… the people working on that translation all died mysterious deaths… pray for the Gospel to reach the people living in the Maldives.


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Light Reveals Darkness

A Christian worker, who ministers in the Maldives, shares thoughts in this heartfelt letter.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

“How do I begin to share with you what is in my heart for the Islanders? Indeed there is much to tell. Let me begin by saying thank you. Thank you for taking a step into the faith adventure that will take you into the heart of paradise, the Maldives. Despite its beauty, you will be surprised to see that the true heart of the Islands is empty and dark, for it doesn’t have the light of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“The Body of Christ in Maldives is very weak and hurting. To be a Christian in this paradise country is a living hell. The few believers are scattered and in hiding for fear that they may lose family, friends, property, and rights if the authorities find out that…

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