Video of the week – „Doing The Right Thing”

Chuck Colson

Great lectures for students and anyone (every believer should be) interested in apologetics. This post will be added to the Apologetics page (which you can easily access by clicking on the Oxford picture icon (on the right sidebar of the blog) or at the top of the blog, under the Chicago picture, just click on „Apologetics”.

Here are five videos from Chuck Colson from his „Doing The Right Thing Ethics Tour”. You can find more video messages from Chuck Colson on his Youtube Channel here – Colson Center. These lectures took place on the Spring 2011 tour.

  1. A Crisis of Ethics, Doing the Right Thing – begins with a short trailer, Introduction by Eric Metaxas and Chuck Colson lecture/speech.
  2. „Is there truth; a moral law we can all know? – David Naugle: The Roots Of Moral Authority
  3. „If we know the right thing, can we do it?” – John Stonestreet: return to Virtuous Living
  4. „What does it mean to be human?” – David Stevens: A Matter of Life and Death
  5. Doing The Right Thing – Ethics Tour – Dallas – Panel Discussion and at bottom of page:
  6. Chuck Colson-How God turned around Nixon’s hatchet man

Click on „More” to proceed to the six conference videos.

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