Editor of men’s magazine, who became a father, expresses regret over promoting pornography

It is often said by parents, that „having children changes everything”. Here is a story from www.Christianconcern.com via http://www.challies.com that illustrates a man’s changing perspective with the birth of his child in 2009:

The longest serving editor of a “lads’ magazine” has confessed to regretting his involvement in the magazine’s production, as he believes that it encouraged young people to access hard core pornography over the internet.

Martin Daubney, who worked as an editor withLoaded magazine for eight years, admitted that the birth of his son in 2009 brought home the reality of the damage that he had caused, as his magazine not only objectified women but also promoted and normalised pornography before a young audience.

Mr Daubney, who resigned from his job at Loaded two years ago, stated that he felt “ashamed” and “hollow” for defending the magazine in the past, which often attracted heavy criticism for its highly explicit material.

Moral nightmare

He said: “Back then, it never once occurred to me that we were objectifying women or doing any harm. I fiercely denied that Loaded was a ‘gateway’ to harder pornographic magazines.

“But such thoughts came home to roost five years later in 2009, when I finally grew up and became a father.

“It had such an effect on me and changed my views so forcibly that within a year I’d quit a dream job that, for me, had become a moral nightmare.

“When I look back now, I see we were severely pushing the envelope of what was considered decent.

“We were normalising soft porn, and in so doing we must have made it more acceptable for young men to dive into the murky waters of harder stuff on the internet. And, for that, I have a haunting sense of regret.

Read the rest of the story here – http://www.christianconcern.com/our-concerns/social/editor-of-lads-mag-expresses-regret-over-promoting-pornography

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