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Kirk Cameron grew up as an atheist for the first 20 years of his life. Today, at the age of 40 he is introducing a new documentary that aims to teach our children the heritage of this country by „taking a lesson from history and planting seeds today, as parents, as Americans and we teach our children and we tell the stories and we remember our history and we can then trust God that 10 years from now, 20 years from now, 30 years from now we will see the fruit of our labors and then there’s hope that God will restore our country. It is an investment into a pure, proper society for the future instead of  bedlam”.

Kirk: I learned so much from our founding fathers. But, the more I look around and I open my eyes, I feel deeply concerned for where America is heading if it stays on it’s current course.. I am not a politician but I am a father who cares about the future of my kids and I think there’s something very sick in the soul of America, in general: Financially, we’re hearing about collapse all over the place. Morally, families ae falling apart. Spiritually, it’s scary what I see happening.

Kirk recounts how a Policeman friend and a Navy Seal were arrested in Hollywood for talking to people on the streets with an open Bible.Kirk: Are you kidding me? I mean I would imagine this in China or some other country, but in America? I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with this country and I don’t have some delusions of grandeur  that I can fix the nation, but I want to be part of the solution.

I wonder if we have just forgotten the principles that made us a great nation in the first place? Could we go back and talk to our founding fathers and just listen to them? Is there a way to go back and learn from them the essentials that built this nation? And, could it be that our founders were wiser men responsible enough to know we would get off track, because they’ve seen where they came from and that it is in the hearts of men to be selfish and oppressive, and to grab power and to abuse others. So, could it be that they would know that we would get off track and leave us clues to get back to the treasure that would save us?

As I began to learn about our country’s history I thought: This isn’t the history I learned about the Pilgrims. I thought that Christianity belonged in the church and in my home, but not in the public square. It’s not meant to be principles for nation building. As Kirk went on a journey learning the history of the founding fathers, he decided to do a documentary movie and dig deeper. Kirk traveled to England and saw the prisons that the Separatists were thrown in for their religious beliefs and through his research came to understand that the treasure they brought over to the United States was not in chests made of wood, but in chests of men and women. It was the ideas in their hearts and in their minds. It was the truth of God and His word, their love for Jesus Christ and the belief that if they took God’s word and used it as a blueprint, they could built a nation where men and women and children would be free, free to love God and free to reach the world for Christ. All of these principles were encapsulated and immortalized in one monument that is sitting on top of a hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts; hidden in a residential area behind a forest of trees. Most people have never seen it, let alone heard of it. It is called Monument to the forefathers. It lays out the forefathers strategy for our nation. It is so clearly biblical in its presentation. The monument is 81 feet tall and her name is faith. Her finger is pointing towards heaven

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