Coplesit de Creatia lui Dumnezeu – Cu bicicleta prin Muntii San Juan – Time lapse – Biking on the San Juan Mountains

Acest video a capturat niste imagini care-ti taie rasuflarea din varfurile muntilot San Juan. Filmarea a fost facut intr-o toamna tarzie, anul trecut, in muntii San Juan, care sa afla in sudvestul statului Colorado.


In late fall, we traveled to the high elevations of the San Juan mountains to explore the vast range and to test out our prototype suspension platform. Our trip took us to the southwest part of Colorado because the San Juan’s contain some of the most rugged terrain in Colorado and offer a loose network of trails — some fully developed, others just old mining paths filtering down the mountainside. Fall in the Rockies is always epic, but the weather is variable. We encountered freezing temps and snow, but were rewarded with fresh loam and peak colors.

The San Juans. Proven Here. from Yeti Cycles on Vimeo.

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