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alfaomega tv00:00 Bisericile incendiate din Egipt
02:35 Spiritul de rugaciune in Indonesia
07:10 2,000 de misionari pe scurt termen in Honduras pentru o invazie de evanghelie
09:00 Sharada, o hindusa care a devenit crestina in Nepal si situatia unei biserici
12:55 Batalionul Herev din armata Israeliana, o simulare de razboi
15:30 Prima editie a academiei liderilor de tineret – un program intensiv de ucenicizare a liderilor tineri aflati in procesul de formare din diverse confesiuni si parti ale tarii

VIDEO by Alfa Omega TV

Duceti-va si faceti ucenici via Daniel Husi

street evangelismAproape 7 miliarde de oameni trăiesc astăzi pe Pamânt, care vorbesc mai mult de 6900 de limbi. La 2000 de ani după moartea Lui Isus Hristos avem:

– Biblia tradusă complet în 457 de limbi
– Noul Testament în 1668 de limbi
– mai mult de 2 miliarde de oameni care se numesc creștini
…și totusi…

Peste 2.7 miliarde … adică 1 din 3 oameni, nu au auzit niciodată despre Isus. 2100 de etnii așteaptă traducerea Bibliei în limba inimii lor.


  • Populație 175.611.000
  • Religie Islam
  • Procent evanghelici 0.6%


  • Populație 28.410.000
  • Religie Hinduism
  • Procent evanghelici 0.0%


  • Populație 1.154.990.000
  • Religie Hinduism
  • Procent evanghelici 2.2%

Cum poți găsi ceva despre ceva ce nu ști că există? „Evanghelia aceasta a Împărăţiei va fi propovăduită în toată lumea, ca să slujească de mărturie tuturor neamurilor. Matei 24:14”

Se poate întâmpla asta în timpul nostru?
Dumnezeu ridică o nouă generație care să ajungă cu Evanghelia la cei care nu au auzit de ea. Țara care trimite cei mai mulți misionari la cei neevanghelizați:
China 100.000 de misionari
Cei mai mulți misionari la 1000 de creștini: Mongolia

Împreună putem reuși
Gândește-te ce s-ar întâmpla dacă:Ne-am ruga,Am susține financiar,Am trimite oameni,Am merge noi

„Duceţi-vă şi faceţi ucenici din toate neamurile, botezîndu-i în Numele Tatălui şi al Fiului şi al Sfîntului DuhŞi învăţaţi-i să păzească tot ce v-am poruncit.”
Tumaini România – Speranță pentru cei fără speranță

Nepali Christians of Katmandhu

A short report from Christian Broadcasting News (CBN)-

Nepal is known for being on top of the world. It’s also a secular country where Hinduism and Maoism struggle for dominance. Christians face widespread persecution but God is on the move. Their numbers have grown from 29 people when the first church was planted in Nepal 60 years ago, to nearly 1 million today. Most of those coming to Christ in Nepal today are former Hindus and face much opposition including a young girl whose mother tried to kill her for becoming a Christian.

(‘Radical’ author) David Platt on Rob Bell and the church – „Intellectual universalism is dangerous” but „functional universalism is worse.”

Dr. David Platt in India.

(source of quote in title here)

For those at Brook Hills (or beyond) who may not be familiar with recent debate concerning Rob Bell and universalism, there is much discussion at present among professing Christians concerning whether or not those without Christ will really experience eternal damnation when they die. I offer some thoughts here from India. Yes, let’s fight universalism with our words. But let’s also fight universalism with our lives.

David Platt on his journey through India (March 18 update)

Overwhelming lostness. These are the only words that come to my mind when I consider what we witnessed at the Ganges River. According to Hinduism, the Ganges is the most sacred of all rivers. The “holiest” cities of Hinduism rest along its banks. Every year, scores of Hindus travel to the Ganges to wash themselves in its water. By simply washing in the Ganges, they believe that they can be cleansed of all evil and receive passage into heaven. Last year, in one month alone, during the festival of Kumbha Mela, over 50 million Hindus traveled near to the place where I am standing in this video below to bathe in the Ganges. Ironically, this river is considered by others to be one of the dirtiest rivers of the world. A recent article in The Economist called the Ganges River a “brown soup of excrement and industrial effluents.”

All of this to say…it was overwhelming to come to this site and to see masses of people—from all over India and around the world—flocking to filthy water that they hope will cleanse them from all their sin and sickness. As I looked across the river, I was gripped by the grace of Christ, whose blood alone can wash away sin, and I was overwhelmed by the need of those whose minds have been so blinded from seeing the salvation that only comes from Him.

We were not able to stay at the Ganges long, for we were on the way to catch a plane to another city. We have now arrived at this other city in eastern India, and we are about to go into a very poor, rural here to gather together with about 400-500 villagers. As you go to bed this evening, we will be going out to preach the gospel in this village. Amidst overwhelming lostness, please pray that God will show His power in the gospel by cleansing people of all their sin through the blood of Christ today.

“In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:4-5

Watch David Platt sermon ‘The cost of following Jesus‘ at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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