Darrell Bock and Dr. Gary Habermas discuss Bill O’Reilly’s book ‘Killing Jesus’ (video)

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In popular books and the media, Jesus continues to attract attention. Fox News host Bill O’Reilly builds on this fascination with his latest best-selling book Killing Jesus. What does O’Reilly present about the facts of Jesus’ life, death, burial, and resurrection?

John Ankerberg interviews his two guests: Dr. Darrell Bock, who is one of the leading historical Jesus scholars of the United States, and one of the foremost authorities in the world on the Gospel of Luke, and Senior Research Professor of the New Testament and Dallas Theological Seminary. One of the books O’Reilly recommended that we all read, and one he relied on for his writing is Dr. Bock’s book ‘Studying the historical Jesus- A Guide to Sources and Methods’.

The second guest is Dr. Gary Habermas, Distinguished Research Professor and Chair of Dept. of Philosophy and Theology at Liberty University, he holds a pHd from Michigan University and has authored, co-authored or edited  more than 60 books, including one of the key articles in the book ‘Jesus Under Fire’- another book Mr. O’ Reilly used and recommends we read. Dr. John Ankerberg, Darrel Bock and Gary Habermas examine the points raised in Killing Jesus. VIDEO by John Ankerberg (length 26 minutes)

What Role Do Works Play At Final Judgment for the Believer? Four views in a new book from Zondervan

Alan P Stanley sets up the discussion in this book from 4 points of view from

  1. Robert Wilkin, Executive Director of the Grace Evangelical Society;
  2. Tom Schreiner, New Testament and Pauline Scholar at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary;
  3. James Dunn, a leading British New Testament scholar known for his Jesus and Paul studies, not to mention coining the term „New Perspective;”
  4. Michael Barber, professor of theology, Scripture, and Catholic thought at John Paul the Great Catholic University.

On Pages 9-10, there is a  list/chart Stanley puts together of Scripture relating to what the Scripture has to say on this:

Scripture has consistently testified to this final day of judgement in a number of ways.

  1. God is the rightful „Judge of all the earth” (Gen 18)
  2. No one will be exempt (1 Sam 2; Gen 18; 1 Chron 16)
  3. Judgment is according to people’s works (Job 34; Ps 62; Prov 24)
  4. Judgment will bring „every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil” (Eccl 12)
  5. God will judge with justice and equity (Gen 18)
  6. The wicked „will not stand in judgement” (Ps 1) while the righteous „will sing before the Lord” (Ps 98)

Of course, the New Testament builds on what the Old Testament established: (pg. 10)

  1. God has „set a day” for judgment (Acts 17; Rom 2; 1 Cor 4)—i.e. „the last day” (Jn 12); „the day of judgment” (Matt 10)
  2. It is a day that has come closer, for „the hour has already come” (Rom 13); „the end of all things is near” (1 Peter 4)
  3. God has selected a man to carry out his judgments; that man is named Jesus, whom the Father has „entrusted all judgments” and given all „authority to judge” (Jn 5)
  4. Therefore, judgment will not be left to „any human court” (1 Cor 4)
  5. God’s judgments through Christ will be „based on truth” (Rom 2)
  6. The „Sovereign Lord” is able and will judge „people’s secrets through Jesus Christ” (Rom 2)

The book can be purchased here – http://www.amazon.com/Views-Works-Final-Judgment-Counterpoints

– See more at: http://www.koinoniablog.net/2013/08/what-role-do-works-play-at-final-judment-for-the-believer.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+typepad%2FpQHu+%28Koinonia%29#sthash.c0D9C8pk.dpuf

Paul Washer – What are some of God’s mighty works that He has done in your life? Plus a new book


Paul Washer Sermons PAGE – click here

Published on Oct 1, 2012 by 

This clip, from an Interview in 2009, was never put up on the Internet. Paul talks about the greatest miracle in his life, it not being some supernatural thing, but it rather being the love of the Father to discipline him.

Download MP3: http://illbehonest.com/The-Miracle-of-Gods-Faithful-Discipline-Paul-Washer

The Miracle of God’s Faithful Discipline


The Gospel’s Power and Message

by Paul Washer – 288 pages, available mid October at –

http://www.heritagebooks.org/ and http://www.monergismbooks.com/

One of the greatest crimes of this generation of Christians is its neglect of the gospel, and it is from this neglect that all our other maladies spring forth. Absent from too many pulpits are the essential themes which make up the very core of the gospel—the justice of God, the radical depravity of man, the blood atonement. In The Gospel’s Power and Message, Paul Washer addresses these essential elements of Christ’s good news and provides a guide to help us rediscover the gospel in all its beauty, scandal, and saving power. May such a rediscovery transform your life, strengthen your proclamation, and bring the greatest glory to God.

Read a sample pdf here (monergismbooks.com)

Table of Contents:


PART ONE: An Apostolic Introduction

  1. A Gospel to Know and Make Known
  2. A Gospel to be Received
  3. A Gospel by which We Are Saved
  4. A Gospel of First Importance
  5. A Gospel Handed Down and Delivered

PART TWO: The Power of God for Salvation

  1. “The” Gospel
  2. A Scandalous Gospel
  3. A Powerful Gospel
  4. A Gospel for all Who Believe

PART THREE: The Acropolis of the Christian Faith

  1. Making Much of Sin
  2. Making Much of God
  3. Sinners One and All
  4. Sinners Falling Short
  5. Sinners Through and Through
  6. Righteous Indignation
  7. Holy War
  8. A Most Costly Gift
  9. The Divine Dilemma
  10. A Qualified Redeemer
  11. The Cross of Jesus Christ
  12. The Vindication of God
  13. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  14. The Foundation of Faith in the Resurrection
  15. Christ’s Ascension as the High Priest of His People
  16. Christ’s Ascension as the Lord of All
  17. Christ’s Ascension as the Judge of All

Timothy J. Keller – 1st Chapter of Center Church (in audiobook form)

Published on Jul 13, 2012 by 

In Center Church, Timothy Keller outlines a broad theological vision that connects classical evangelical doctrine to holistic and vibrant ministry expression, particularly in globalized, urbanized settings.

Timothy Keller – Center Church book trailer

Published on Jun 8, 2012 by 

In Center Church, Timothy Keller outlines a broad theological vision that connects classical evangelical doctrine to holistic and vibrant ministry expression, particularly in globalized, urbanized settings. Learn more at http://www.timothykeller.com and http://www.Zondervan.com

Mark Driscoll interviews Matt Chandler

Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington poses several questions to Matt Chandler, Pastor of the Village Church in the Dallas area in Texas and also the new president of ACTS29, an international church planting organization about his new book – The explicit Gospel and about the difficulty of preaching and leading a church.

Here’s a quote from Matt Chandler that is an accurate description of someone who „assumes” the Gospel:

„People in the heartland are very informed about what the Bible teaches on holiness and what a Christian’s life should look like, but without a love for Jesus and an understanding of his justifying and adopting work on the cross, [they] lack the ability to joyfully pursue God’s commanded holiness.

So they find themselves in a state of self-righteousness because they compare their strengths to other people’s weaknesses and feel better about themselves….  then they get so discouraged trying to be good enough for God that they eventually bail on the church and Jesus because they think they tried him, but never really did.

You can read the entire interview here at http://pastormark.tv/2012/05/22/a-q-a-with-matt-chandler-about-his-new-book

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