Wayne Grudem – Which Bible Translation to use – commentary on the ESV & NIV

One of the most frequently asked questions related to the Bible is, „Which Bible translation should I use?” People often wonder what is the all-around best English Bible translation available. In this book, Douglas Moo, Wayne Grudem, Ray Clendenen, and Philip Comfort make a case for the Bible translation he represents: the NIV 2011 (New International Version), the ESV (English Standard Version), the HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible), and the NLT (New Living Translation) respectively.

In each case, the contributors explain the translation philosophy under- lying these major recent versions. They also compare and contrast how specific passages are translated in their version and other translations.

Which Bible Translation Should I Use? is ideal for anyone who is interested in the Bible and wants to know how the major recent English translations compare. After you’ve read this book, you will be able to answer the title question with confidence. You will also learn many other interesting details about specific passages in the Bible from these top experts.

Some examples from:

  • Psalm 1:1 (in first 3 min video)
  • Luke 17:3 (gender issues with the NIV, specifically using ‘brothers and sisters’ where the greek word specifically means ‘brother’ – this is in the second, 4 min video)
  • Nahum 3:13 (problematic translation in the NIV- changing the word ‘women’ to ‘weaklings’ – in 3rd video)
  • 1 Timothy 2:12 (in 4th video)

In this playlist (all videos under 5 min each):
~Videos 1-4 Wayne Grudem (from ESV translation committee)
~Video 5 Douglas Moo (from NIV translation committee)
~Video 6 ESV panel debating the 4 instances of word ‘slave’ in 1 Corinthians 7:17-24 passage at Tyndale House UK


For Kids – an interactive NIV Bible website

New for kids: AdventureBible.com website!

… a great place for kids, educators and parents to have fun while learning more about God and His word. The most popular areas of the site are

  • Bible games- Scripture memorization, Bible trivia, books of the Bible, a map game and more
  • Downloadable Bible activities like crossword puzzles and word searches
  • Downoladable Bible reading plans
  • Most important – the Bible itself-

Educators can log in and access hundreds of teacher only resources. There are over 700 teaching aids and learning activities which are available for free (simply by signing up). They look like they are really high quality too.

  • You also get teaching visuals such as Bible maps and illustrations as well as visual timelines

Zondervan’s creative advertising for it’s NIV Student Bible

For someone who cannot even contain or refrain from 200 word responses in my comments, I find these videos, which play on the short attention span of young people, to be pretty creative. (Now hopefully it can also get them to crack open their Bibles a bit more often):

If you enjoy the video below, you may also want to check out the other two:

  1. Song of Songs in 5 seconds and
  2. Revelation is 5 seconds
  3. and in the featured video below – Genesis in 5 seconds

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