VIDEO – Habilas Adamu – Un barbat impuscat in cap pentru ca nu s-a lepadat de Isus in Nigeria: Habila Shot for Refusing to Deny Jesus

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O poza ingrozitoare, care nu am vrut sa o postez aici, ca este foarte socanta, ii lipseste o parte din obraz lui Habila. Poza se poate gasi aici, pe un sait egiptean, care a raportat aceasta stire-

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On November 28, 2012, Habila was shot in the face in front of his wife and 6-year-old child. Why? Because he refused to deny Jesus when militant Muslims burst into his house, demanding he renounce Christ and accept Islam. Habila was badly injured but despite everything he been through, he has forgiven those who tried to take his life.

Habila: „The gunmen came into my house, 4 of them,  with AK 47’s. They ordered me and my family to come out so that I would sit on the front [step]. Their leader asked my why I refuse Islam, as a religion. I told them that I am a Christian. One of them asked me: Are you ready to die? I said: Yes, I’m ready to die a Christian. They shot me through my nose. When they shot me there, I del down to the ground with my face. Blood [was] everywhere. He followed me and watched my leg, [there was] no response. He observed me, no response. I am on the ground- blood, blood, blood.. I do not see anything. I am waiting to see the new kingdom, the new heaven  that God promised to His people.”

Although Habila could have saved his life by converting to Islam, this wasn’t [even] an option for him.

Habila, „The word says that we are a new creation in Christ Jesus. If I am a new creation in Christ Jesus, then everything that I was supposed to to, I would do it like Christ did. If we go through the Bible, in Galatians 2:20, Jesus says that we are already dying, but now, in Christ, we’re living. For Christians, for a believer, he will know that he is not the one living because during baptism, as you are baptized, you die to sin and rise with Jesus. That’s what my thinking was. I will not be a muslin, because I died with Christ and now I rise with Christ.”

For 9 hours, Habila lies on the ground. bleeding, without any kind of help. The police promises to come, but doesn’t. The next day, the local hospital in Potiskum, the city where Habila lives, is not able to give sufficient aid. By car, Habila is moved to another hospital, 4 hours away. In this hospital, too, the doctors are not capable to help Habila. The would to his head is too complicated. Again, Habila is transported to another hospital. There are pictures in the video at about the 3 minute mark that shows a part of Habila’s face blown away from the gunshot.

Habila says, „My mouth is all broken. They are using a tube in me to feed me and to have [drink] water.” Once more, Habila is confronted with many misfortunes. For several reasons, the doctors are not able to operate on Habila any sooner than 6 weeks after the attack. At last, on the day of the operation, a great miracle happens. Habila, „During the operation, the doctor advised to take a bone from here, from my leg. They cut out a bone and some flesh from here [the leg], to cover this [cheek] flesh. But, that day, there is a miracle that happened. They found fresh bone here [in my cheek]. After all this, he did not see that bone.”

Also, for the transplantation of skin, it is no longer necessary. The wound in Habila’s face has almost finished [healed]. Four months after the attack, Habila is feeling better. He doesn’t feel any hatred against the extremists who shot him. Habila, „the Bible says that we must, we must, as a Christian, we must forgive.I am teaching my child. Let him remember that the Bible says: Let him forgive.” Because God has forgiven us, we are condemned criminals, that we deserve nothing, but to die. But Christ died for us  and He forgave all our sins. He loved us. That’s why we must show that love to the people that hate us. Since that day, I prayed to God, ‘God, forgive them. God forgive them.’ My intention is that- let them know the truth and let them be saved, not to be condemned. I love them. I love them. I love them. If I have the opportunity  to see them, I will hug them and I will pray for them. Because Christ is love. God, whom I am serving, is love. When He lived in this world, the command was ‘Love each other’. That’s the command – love each other. ”

Habila is sure that God spared his life for a special reason. It’s Habila’s mission to convince the whole world of God’s love and faithfulness. Habila: „My friends, God is with you. He will not leave you. You can open up to him, accept Him, in order to inherit the kingdom of God. Brethren, the message is: that Jesus loves you!”

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