The preciousness of life in China – A Group of men catch a toddler falling from a 5th floor window

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A few days ago, several couriers who were gathered in an alley of Ninghai, China saw a young child perilously alone up in a window on the 5th floor of an apartment building. They stayed beneath her, keeping an eye on her in case things took a turn for the worse…which they did.

The child, who had woken up from her nap and decided to climb out the window unbeknownst to her parents, fell. The group of eight men below caught her together. Two of them were injured, but the girl escaped with only a minor wound on her face…

Meanwhile, look at these whopping statistics that I have come across at this Christian website – By the way, if you click on the original page, you can access citations for every one of these deplorable statistics here- This video which has now gone viral proves that human nature is to save and nurture life, not to kill it!

(via BBC News, VIDEO by ya sea

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