COMING SOON: Arca lui Noe in Petersburg, Kentucky 7 Iulie 2016

Replica Arca lui Noe in Kentucky


Au trecut 2 ani de cand am scris prima data despre acest proiect aici – A inceput (Re)construirea corabiei lui Noe in statul Kentucky. Cu bucurie anuntam ca parcul Ark Encounter cu replica ARCA lui NOE se va deschide pe data de 7 iulie 2016. Evenimentul a fost anuntat la televiziunile americane, printre care si la NBC Nightly News cu Lester Holt:

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. via Paul Ion 

ARCA LUI NOE din Kentucky, USA… Aici va fi Parcul Ark Encounter sau ”Muzeul Creației” pe o suprafaţă de 3 milioane m² !
Se lucreaza intens din 2011 la reconstruirea corabiei după dimensiunile din Biblie la scara 1:1. Investitia se ridica deja la 100 milioane $. (Sursa: NBC)
Noe a avut nevoie de 120 de ani (dupa unele calcule doar 80 de ani) să construiască un asemenea vapor doar cu rudele lui !
”Muzeul Creaţiei din Petersburg (Kentucky) se bucură de un succes enorm, înregistrând peste 2 milioane de vizitatori în cei aproape 7 ani de când a fost deschis. În momentul când va fi construită corabia, în mod sigur, numărul vizitatorilor va creşte.” (PAUL ION)

Replica Arca lui Noe se poate vizita incepand cu 7 iulie, 2016. Pentru informatii si preturi de bilete, clik aici –

Parcul Ark Encounter este in partea de Nord a statului Kentucky pe I-75 intre orasele Cincinnatti si Lexington.


WATCH: There is a massive 7-story Noah’s Ark being built in Kentucky. Click on the photo above for the video.

The ark tours start on July 7th:

40 Days and 40 Nights: Referencing the number of days and nights it rained during the Flood, Ark Encounter is open for the first 40 days (9 a.m.–4 p.m.) and 40 nights (5 p.m.–Midnight) starting July 7, before starting daytime-only hours on August 16.

For price and ticket information click here –

Kevin Tibbles takes you inside – FULL REPORT:

Ark Encounter

Cum s-a construit Arca lui Noe din Kentucky – Cum va fi o vizita la Arca?

What Will You Experience When You Visit the Ark? | Ark Encounter

The Flood and Noah

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Somehow these videos are still out there and youtube has not removed them. So, watch while they are still up

The Creation and Flood of Genesis

The story begins with the creation of Man and Woman, the sin committed by Adam and Eve, and the temptationby the snake, which led to their banishment from Paradise. The story continues with the first crime committed by mankind, Cain’s murder of his brother, the condemnation of God, mankind’s corruption and evil, and God’s regret for having created earth. The choice of Noah, a just and upright man to build the Ark, the flood and its clearing the way for a new mankind, the pact of the eternal Covenant between God and all living beings, are told through the clear and simple words of an old nomad shepherd. VIDEO by Victor Girona Noah’s story begins at the 65th minute.

 Noah’s Ark Movie

4,000-Year-Old Tablet Gives New Details on Noah’s Ark

Photo credit AP_ancient_ark_clay_tablet

A recently deciphered 4,000-year-old clay tablet from ancient Mesopotamia — modern-day Iraq — reveals striking new details about the roots of the Old Testament tale of Noah. It tells a similar story, complete with detailed instructions for building a giant round vessel known as a coracle — as well as the key instruction that animals should enter „two by two.”

The tablet went on display at the British Museum on Friday, and soon engineers will follow the ancient instructions to see whether the vessel could actually have sailed.

It’s also the subject of a new book, „The Ark Before Noah,” by Irving Finkel, the museum’s assistant keeper of the Middle East and the man who translated the tablet.

Finkel got hold of it a few years ago, when a man brought in a damaged tablet his father had acquired in the Middle East after World War II. It was light brown, about the size of a mobile phone and covered in the jagged cuneiform script of the ancient Mesopotamians.

It turned out, Finkel said Friday, to be „one of the most important human documents ever discovered.”

„It was really a heart-stopping moment — the discovery that the boat was to be a round boat,” said Finkel, who sports a long gray beard, a ponytail and boundless enthusiasm for his subject. „That was a real surprise.”

And yet, Finkel said, a round boat makes sense. Coracles were widely used as river taxis in ancient Iraq and are perfectly designed to bob along on raging floodwaters.

„It’s a perfect thing,” Finkel said. „It never sinks, it’s light to carry.”

Other experts said Finkel wasn’t simply indulging in book-promotion hype. David Owen, professor of ancient Near Eastern studies at Cornell University, said the British Museum curator had made „an extraordinary discovery.”

Elizabeth Stone, an expert on the antiquities of ancient Mesopotamia at New York’s Stony Brook University, said it made sense that ancient Mesopotamians would depict their mythological ark as round.

„People are going to envision the boat however people envision boats where they are,” she said. „Coracles are not unusual things to have had in Mesopotamia.”

The tablet records a Mesopotamian god’s instructions for building a giant vessel — two-thirds the size of a soccer field in area — made of rope, reinforced with wooden ribs and coated in bitumen.

Finkel said that on paper (or stone) the boat-building orders appear sound, but he doesn’t yet know whether it would have floated. A television documentary due to be broadcast later this year will follow attempts to build the ark according to the ancient manual.

The flood story recurs in later Mesopotamian writings including the „Epic of Gilgamesh.” These versions lack the technical instructions — cut out, Finkel believes, because they got in the way of the storytelling.


Ocean Explorer Robert Ballard Finds Evidence of Biblical Flood

photo from FOX news

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Ocean explorer Robert Ballard, who is responsible for the discovery of the Titanic shipwreck, says he may have discovered evidence of the Great Flood described in the Book of Genesis.

Ballard is now on a mission to find evidence that the „mother of all floods” actually occurred, he told Christiane Amanpour of ABC News.

„We went in there to look for the flood,” he told ABC News. „Not just a slow moving, advancing rise of sea level, but a really big flood that then stayed… The land that went under stayed under.”

The explorer’s mission was prompted by research conducted by Columbia University marine geologists William B.F. Ryan and Walter C. Pitman III. These men theorized that climate change during a glacial period caused the icecaps to melt, an article from The Earth Institute at Columbia University states, which led to widespread flooding.

Ryan and Pitman suggest the Bosporus strait, which served as a natural dam between the Mediterranean and Black seas, broke open at that time and caused salt water to flood the Black Sea with a force 200 times stronger than that of Niagara Falls. With the waters rising at the rate of about six inches per day, the flooding could have covered 60,000 square miles in less than a year, they theorize, causing humans to migrate away from the area and at the same time inspiring the stories of Gilgamesh and Noah’s ark. Ryan and Pitman’s theory can be found in their 1999 book, Noah‘s Flood: The New Scientific Discoveries About The Event That Changed History.

After deciding to explore this theory themselves, Ballard’s team found an ancient shoreline 400 feet below the surface, which suggests a flood catastrophe did occur there. After carbon dating shells from the shoreline, Ballard estimated the event occurred about 5,000 BC – around the time some believe the flood described in Genesis occurred.

Although natural evidence has given him confidence in his research, Ballard is also looking for more evidence of the civilizations that were affected by the disaster.

Ballard and his team plan to return to Turkey in the summer of 2013.

Revealing God’s Treasure – Noah’s Ark – Ron Wyatt

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