Sinodul Bisericii Luterane din Norvegia a votat în favoarea acceptării căsătoriei religioase între cuplurile formate din acelaşi sex

Episcopul din Norvegia care se impotriveste si nu va oficia casatorii gay. FOTO

Episcopul din Norvegia care se impotriveste si nu va oficia casatorii gay. FOTO The Local Norway

Biserica Norvegiei acceptă căsătoria religioasă pentru cuplurile formate din acelaşi sex. Decizia a intrat în vigoare începând de la 1 februarie. Biserica Norvegiei se alătură astfel omoloagelor sale protestante din Suedia, Danemarca şi Franţa, care permit astfel de reuniuni.

Sinodul Bisericii Norvegiei a votat luni în favoarea acceptării căsătoriei religioase între cuplurile formate din acelaşi sex. Optzeci şi trei de membri ai sinodului au votat pentru şi 29 împotrivă după mai mulţi ani de dezbateri. „Aceasta este ziua în care o rugăciune şi un vis devin realitate“, s-a felicitat liderul aripei liberale a protestanţilor norvegieni, Gard Sandaker-Nilsen, citat de NTB. De notat că Gard Sandaker-Nilsen este unul dintre puţinii pastori norvegieni care îşi recunosc deschis homosexualitatea. Biserica Norvegiei se alătură astfel omoloagelor sale protestante din Suedia, Danemarca şi Franţa, care permit astfel de reuniuni.

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Norway – a Pariah State


CITESTE despre cel mai recent caz aici – BARNEVERNETUL ATACA DIN NOU 18 ianuarie 2017

Norway – a Pariah State

In just the last 12 months I have written extensively on Barnevernet and the atrocities it commits against families under color of law. Norway’s 1991 Child Welfare Act clothes it with immunity, and this explains to a large extent the many and egregious excesses this administrative body, which operates outside of Norway’s legal system and without any meaningful judicial supervision or review, has committed for many years and continues to commit.

Last year, Norway published statistical data for 2015 related to Barnevernet’s activities. [Here’s the Report:…/…/statistikker/barneverng/aar/2016-07-01] The statistics confirm what I have stated before: Barnevernet continues to wreak havoc in the lives of many families. According to the Report, in 2015 Barnevernet “assisted” 53,439 children and applied “care measures” to 10,069 children. As I explained in prior postings, a “care measure” is the act by which Barnevernet seizes children from their biological parents and places them in foster care. Without court order or warrant of any type. In 2014 9,611 children were taken away from their biological parents, and in 2013 9,078. Among the 9,611 children Barnevernet kidnapped in 2015 were the Bodnariu family’s five (5) children. Most of the kidnapped children are not returned to their biological parents but remain in foster care until they reach adulthood or are adopted. The minority of children who are returned, however, only see their parents after years of protracted hearings and, in some cases, litigation.

These numbers are staggering by any stretch of the imagination, and, I will add, frightening. The number of seized children grows from year to year, as you can see. The numbers are extreme and excessive considering Norway’s small population of 5,2 million. In a posting last year I compared the number of children taken away from their biological parents in Norway with the number of children taken into custody by the Texas Child Protective Services. Texas CPS takes into custody about 17,000 children annually. While this number still seems high, it is not necessarily excessive considering that Texas’ population is almost 28 million people. If the rate of seizure were the same in Texas as in Norway, the number of children taken into custody in Texas would be at least five times that of Norway, or over 50,000 children. But then, unlike Norway, in Texas children cannot be taken away from their biological parents except following court proceedings, sworn testimony and affidavits, the cross-examination of case workers and witnesses, and  court warrants and orders. Also the separation of children from their parents is for a very limited period of time.

None of this happens in Norway, however. Most of the children taken by Texas CPS are returned to their parents, and the majority of the other children are placed in foster care with their relatives. Only where no relatives exist or the placement with relatives is not feasible are the children placed in foster care elsewhere. The Texas practice is fairly humane, respectful of parental rights, and devised to maintain family ties and, generally, to ensure the child’s best interests. In contrast, Norway’s practice is inhumane and designed to hurt, both innocent parents and innocent children.

Crimes against humanity

I would call Barnevernet’s practice of kidnapping children a crime against humanity. No civilized state kidnaps children from their parents. Isis does. Norway and its officials are well aware of the atrocities committed by Barnevernet, one of its state agencies. For many years parents have protested, sued, cried, and pleaded with Norway to change its child protection system, and to make it more humane and more respectful of parental rights. Norway has refused to listen. It has turned a deaf ear to the pleas of thousands of parents from around the world, and a blind eye to the peaceful, public demonstrations of possibly hundreds of thousands of well meaning citizens around the world. Cumulatively, only in the Bodnariu case, more than 100,000 people demonstrated, peacefully, for the return of the children. The Bodnariu children were fortunate to be returned to their parents, but Barnevernet continues to attack and dismantle thousands upon thousands of normal, innocent families like ours, causing them much grief and harm. In the face of this massive evidence of official malfeasance and refusal to act or reform, one must conclude that Norway is a pariah state, a rogue state, a pirate state one might be tempted to say, one which, willingly condoning the intentional violation of civil and human rights, as well as parental rights, has lost all respect in the Family of Nations.

An Intolerant Norway

But there is more. Ishaan’s young mother and her extended family are Jewish. She has had her share of being bullied because of her ethnic and religious identity, being once called “Juta, Juta,” meaning “Jew, Jew,” by a boy in the neighborhood. This is reminiscent of what happened to the Bodnariu family and children as well. They, too, were targeted and bullied because of their Christian faith, in a Norway which claims to be an example of tolerance and inclusiveness for the rest of the world to follow. Far from it. Norway does not practice what it preaches. Satish Ligal, the baby boy’s Nepalese father, has been expelled from Norway. He lived there on a student visa and when the visa expired was expelled. He now lives in Portugal and is not even able to see his own son.

Note also that many of the impressions Linda expressed in her email to me are impressions I also formulated during the unfolding of the Bodnariu saga last year. Norway has a hidden agenda. Norwegians hardly reproduce and, for Norway to survive,  there is a need to convert to “norwegianism” or “scandinavianism” the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who currently live there, and, especially, their many children. Children of immigrants can no longer be killed, unlike the children storied in the First Chapter of the Book of Exodus, but the policy has the same aim  and is applied, morally speaking, by equally deplorable means.

I certainly hope that Barnevernet will immediately return Ishaan to his biological  mother and father. The child’s seizure is a crime against humanity, human decency, and a violation of civilized norms. It is a violation of the Laws of Nations to take a child from his biological mother because the mother suffers from post-partum depression. It is also a violation of basic human rights for the state to knock on one’s door and say „hand over your children to the state,” without court papers or good cause.

The family has written to the case worker requesting the return of the child. Their plea, however, was in vain. Surprisingly, the case worker responded, informing the family that “the baby is being taken very good care of” in foster care. Nothing was said, however, about returning the child to his biological parents.

Peter Costea is a civil rights attorney practicing in Houston, Texas. He also holds a PhD in diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston, Massachusetts.

India’s External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, demanding that Norway return an Indian child to his biological parents

New Delhi, December 27: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj strictly demanded the restoration of Aryan to his natural parents in a series of tweets on Monday and said she don’t think foster parents can take better care of the child.

The comments came ahead of the meeting of Indian Ambassador in Norway with the Norwegian authorities.

„The foster parents are totally ignorant of the Indian culture and our food habits,” she said.

Her statement was a reaction to the complaint of Indian national Gurvinderjit Kaur and her husband, a Norwegian national, who alleged that authorities in Norway have taken away their son on a frivolous complaint of abuse.

Aryan was taken into custody by the NCWD on the December 13 from his kindergarten school in Oslo.

Read more here –

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Consiliul Europei doreste sa investigheze posibilele incalcari ale drepturilor omului in cazurile de protectia copilului din Norvegia, incepand cu cazul Bodnariu


Trad. Agnus Dei – Consiliul Europei dorește să investigheze posibilele încălcări ale drepturilor omului in cazuri de protecție a copilului din Norvegia, începând cu cazul Bodnariu în Naustdal. Ingjerd Schou liderul delegației norvegiene in Consiliul Europei nu dorește să investigheze cazuri particulare, ea vrea doar să vorbească numai în general despre Barnevernet. Cât de convenabil! (Ea vrea să continue sa tina tot gunoiul sub covor) Pentru cât timp?

Sper ca toate cazurile particulare să fie investigate, pentru a aduce la lumină toate abuzurile și încălcările drepturilor omului! Cazuri particulare, nu generalitati! Gunoiul miroase greu  de asa de mult timp, dar oficialii au devenit obișnuiți cu mirosul. Noua lume brava  a  Norvegiei…


Norway Return the children to Bodnariu Family– The Council of Europe wants to investigate Norway’s possible child welfare violations of human rights, starting with the Bodnariu case in Naustdal. Ingjerd Schou the leader of the Norwegian delegation in the Council of Europe doesn’t want to investigate particular cases, she wants to talk only in general about Barnevernet. How convenient! (She wants to continue to keep all the garbage under the carpet) For how long?

I hope all the PARTICULAR cases to be investigated, to bring to light all the abuses and violations of human rights! PARTICULAR CASES not in general! The garbage stinks for so long time but officials have become accustomed with the smell. The Brave new world of Norway…

Read more here –…/europaradet-skal-granske-om-barneverne…

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

another slice of Norway that leaves one speechless….

Delight in Truth


I got this photo from Cecilie’s twitter, and it illustrates the sad truth of how CPS treats biological families in Norway.  A police officer and a CPS employee supervise a visit between a boy and his biological father.

This is what Norway is known for these days.

This is what the Bodnariu family has been subjected to for the past 6 months. Incomprehensible.

If the Bodnariu children are not returned at the end of the month as expected by the international community, there will be a high price to pay by the Norwegian government. The entire world will rise up in protest against Norway because of what Barnevernet did to the Bodnariu family and other families like them.

Vezi articolul original

Norwegian poet for Norway’s National Day: The white stands for emptiness and betrayal. You are cold, Norway. Downright cold

Norway's National Day Foto

A great observation and contribution from Steven Bennett:

This really touched my heart – I just couldn’t not share this.

It was written today by a Norwegian poet for the National Day of Norway, an official national holiday observed on 17 May each year. (May 17, 1814)

It has two parts. The first part is what the Norwegian authorities want you to see and the second part is the reality of living in Norway for thousands of families:

Beautiful Norway, every year you let us celebrate you in the glorious spring. You show yourself in your finest garment: buds are in bloom, the sun warms and gives hope of summer and school holidays, all your introverted residents emanate from their homes and greet even the unfamiliar ones with warm hugs and ‘happy celebrations’.

They dress the children in their most imposing splendor, give them money for ice cream and film them waving flags as the parade goes by – the children’s parade. The epitome of your excellence.

The free children with rights to hope and joy, sheltered from injustice and deprivation that exists outside of your borders. The parade is your symbol of pride, what you want everyone to see and admire.

The colors you’ve chosen for your flag is red, blue and white. Red for the sun’s heat and the hearts and love. Blue is the sea, the horizon and the dreams. White is for snow and glaciers, the famous national characteristics.

Redati copii inapoi- Familia Avramescu, Bodnariu si Nan. Norvegia FOTO AGNUS DEI

Snow and ice. The truth about Norway. The truth about the real Norwegian atmosphere, undercover of a short, beautiful spring.

On this day the light shines out there. The focus is on life in the streets. No one notices the silent ones, those who do not rejoice. Those who remain inside and pull their curtains down.

They have nothing to cheer for today. They have lost all the beauty in their lives. This day is perceived as a mockery and as the famous salt in the wound. For this is not a day in style with the truth. Freedom, they have lost all faith in, their hope and their joy are sitting in captivity.

Their children are not in the parade. Not where they can see them. Their children are no longer theirs. They are trapped in a darkest dungeon, barnevernet.

In some locker hangs a costume that was never used or that was used a long time ago. The door to the closet is closed. The beautiful folk costume reminds them of pain. Especially today. The blue in your flag now stands for tears of helpless eyes. Maybe, they even asked for help themselves and you responded by taking from them their happiness, their children.

Outside stands the flagpole. It was used once. A very long time ago. Around the time a child woke up in this house to celebrate its freedom and to buy ice cream. There was also once a feast here on this day. Maybe they did not have all that everyone else had, but they had each other. A family gathering with a barbecue, and they enjoyed themselves. On this Children’s Day.

The children they love so dearly, but that they never get to live with. Hearts burst. Blood flows from the deepest wounds that will never stop bleeding. From people who are cut up into infinite pieces and live stigmatized for every piece you could twist and distort. Blood from these people who still hold the battered pieces together and pile up to fight. Because they love. The red in your flag symbolize this blood today.

The white stands for emptiness. It also stands for betrayal. It stands for the cold you expose far too many people to. The cold, white mist that really is your breath. You are cold, Norway. Downright cold. In dark rooms people are freezing today. They are in mourning as you celebrate yourself. Joyful shouts from the ignorant out there make them wish this day had never come.

For all too many, this day is one of the worst. Beautiful Norway. Look around you. Do you not see the flags missing? More and more flags are missing for each year that passes. Your glossy print is fading, my oh so beautiful Norway …

Marius si Ruth despre copii si lupta lor cu Barnevernet – (VIDEO) Norway: Ruth and Marius Bondariu describe their quest for a family reunion

Am tradus in Limba Romana, acest fragment video de la BBC, vezi mai jos sub video…

Ruth and Marius’s life was torn apart without warning one Monday afternoon, in November, 2015, when two black cars belonging to Barnevernet approached the farm where they live in a remote Norwegian valley. Their two little boys, aged five and two, and their three-month-old baby son, were in their big, bright, modern living room overlooking the steel-grey fjord. Ruth was waiting as usual for the school bus that would bring back their two daughters, aged eight and 10.

VIDEO by Octavian D. Curpas


Marius si Ruth isi scriu  impresiile lor proprii despre fiecare vizita cu copiii lor, ei neavand increderea ca asistentii sociali vor da un raport corect.

Trad. Agnus Dei

Fetita de opt ani are impresia ca noi vom muri (asa i-a spus Branevernet) si de aceea ea nu poate fi cu noi si baiatul de cinci ani a avut multe intrebari despre tatal lui si apoi a intrebat ca de ce el nu poate fi impreuna cu noi?

El ne-a spus ca a visat ca noi vom fi din nou toti impreuna.

Dar deocamdata tot ce Marius si Ruth pot face, este sa astepte dupa fiecare intalnire cu copiii, Ei au spus ca s-au oferit sa schimbe modul in care s-au purtat ca si parinti dar au spus ca Protectia Copilului, nici macar nu au vrut sa discute despre reunirea familiei.

Deci aici este unde baiatul a incercat sa deseneze bebelasul in pantecele mamei sale. El a vrut (ca desenul) sa fie perfect, dar cu acestea el a fost multumit. El a spus: acesta este tata si mama si eu.

Marius si Ruth isi scriu  impresiile lor proprii despre fiecare vizita cu copiii lor, ei neavand increderea ca asistentii sociali vor da un raport corect.

Ei nu stiu cand noi ne luptam cu noi insine ca sa nu le aratam ceea ce simtim inlauntrul nostru, (cel putin cu baietii mai mari), ni s-a spus ca sa nu ne aratam intristarea pentru ca aceasta va face pe copii suparati. Asa ca noi incercam din rasputeri ca sa ne tinem lacrimile pentru noi insine, cel putin pana ies afara pe usa.

Marius si Ruth Bodnariu cu Marius Reikeras + Clip Video Protestul din OSLO, Norway

Photo byPhoto by Mihai Dragoman

VIDEO Protestul din OSLO Norvegia Aprilie 16, 2016

In an open letter of protest to the Children’s Minister, 170 leading Norwegian professionals involved in child protection say Barnevernet is a „dysfunctional organisation which makes far-reaching errors of judgment with serious consequences”.

In an open letter of protest to the Children's Minister, 170 leading Norwegian professionals involved in child protection say Barnevernet is a "dysfunctional organisation which makes far-reaching errors of judgment with serious consequences". FOTO -

In an open letter of protest to the Children’s Minister, 170 leading Norwegian professionals involved in child protection say Barnevernet is a „dysfunctional organisation which makes far-reaching errors of judgment with serious consequences”. FOTO – Bjo Ern

In an open letter of protest to the Children’s Minister, 170 leading Norwegian professionals involved in child protection – lawyers, psychologists, social work experts – say Barnevernet is a „dysfunctional organisation which makes far-reaching errors of judgment with serious consequences”.

Psychologist Einar Salvesen, one of the initiators of the letter, says: „There is a lack of what I’d call the human factor. A lack of empathy, really providing an atmosphere so people can learn… It’s more like police interventions, more like we have to find out what’s wrong with you.”

Read more from BBC’s visit and interview of the Bodnariu family in Norway here- Norway 16. 4. 2016

VIDEO by Stop Barnevernet

APRIL 16 – Protest against Barnevernet in Haugesund, Norway!

Norway april 16th protest

Saturday, April 16 at 1 PM

Toget begynner på byparken ved siden av baptistkirke i Haugesund. Vi har ikke tillatelse til å ha fakler.

Facebook Event Page –

April 16th Global Protest against Barnevernet in Oslo, Norway

April 16th Global Protest against Barnevernet in Oslo, Norway

April 16th Global Protest against Barnevernet in Oslo, Norway

Saturday, April 16 at Eidsvolls plass

Oppmøte kl 15,00 utenfor Eidsvolls plass.
Lørdag/Saturday: 16 April 2016
Klokka/Time: 15:00-18:00

Sted/Place: Eidsvolls plass (parken utenfor stortinget/the park outside the parliament)

Appell Holdere :
Marianne Haslev Skånland
Jan Åge Torp
Cecilie Bedsvaag
Oddvar Espegard
Bjørg Ødegård
Alf Magne Henriksen
Dung Svalland
Bjørn s Berg
Dag Sverre Aamodt
Jørgen Stueland

Listen fylles ut etter vært.
Rekkefølgen vil og endres litt.

På vegne av Gruppen Barnevernet vil vi ha fullstendig fjernet, med flere.

Det blir og 60 tommers Tv skjerm, så for vi se hva vi linker oss opp til.

Mer info kommer.

Alle som har tenkt å holde en appell på demoen må melde seg på pm til Alf Magne Henriksen på forhånd.

If you want to hold an appeal, please send a personal message (PM) to Alf Magne Henriksen

We need some help in translating texts to different languages. If YOU have the possibility to help us, please send a personal message (PM) to Oddvar Espegaard.

Istedenfor dagens barnevern!/instead of todays CPS!

Alternativ til liksombarnevernet:

I alle tusen år har vi hatt naturlig vern av barn. Det beskyttes av Menneskerettighetene/For thousands of years we had a natural protection of children. This is protected by the human rights.

Et stort velkommen til storfamilien/A big welcome to the exteended family:

VIKTIG juss om slektens menneskerettigheter/Important laws about the relativs human rights:

Det såkalte barnevernet er derimot fordømt av FN/folkeretten og dømt av Menneskerettighetsdomstolen i Strasbourg.

Grunnloven sier norske lover skal tilpasses dette. Det er menneskerettighetsbrudd å ikke tilpasse Norge etter dette.

Visste du at mange flere blir rusmisbrukere under barnevernet enn hos de som vokser opp hos rusmisbrukere. Dette dokumenterte danske forskere allerede i 2002. Forskjellige grupper ble gransket. Verst ut kom barnevernsbarna. (

Visste du at kun en liten del av barnevernsbarna kommer fra hjem med rus, seksuelt misbruk og vold. Ifølge barnevernets statistikk (

Dette sier mye om hvorfor norske barnevernsbarn tar sine liv 8 ganger oftere enn andre barn. (

Barnevernsbarna kommer sjeldent fra fryktelige familier. Det er bevist. De savner seg syke etter sine familier.

Derfor ønsker så mange å få det bort.

Vi kan ikke ha et liksombarnevern. Vi trenger DIN hjelp til å spre info. Legg til medlemmer.

Takk for at du tok deg tid til å lese dette!

SURSA – Facebook Event Page

VIDEO Protestul de la OSLO, Norway (video: Mihai Dragoman) Protest against Barnevernet

Protest against Barnevernet Oslo, Norway Video: Mihai Dragoman

Protest against Barnevernet Oslo, Norway Video: Mihai Dragoman

VEZI si –

Protest against Barnevernet

Protestul de azi din Oslo, capitala Norvegiei !
20 februarie 2016

VIDEO by Dragoman Mihai

FOTO Protest BARNEVERNET in OSLO, Norway February 2, 2016

Peste 50 de persoane au protestat pasnic in Oslo, Norvegia in 2 februarie 2016. Photo credit  Kjetil Thue.

PROTEST against BARNEVRNET in OSLO, Norway in front of the Parliament Building February 2, 2016

Protest against Barnevernet in OSLO, Norway
Tuesday, February 2at 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Eidsvolls plass

Eidsvolls plass, 0162 Oslo, Norway
Vi gir full gass inn i 2016!

Mannsforum arrangerer også denne første tirsdagen i måneden appell som vi har gjort hver eneste første tirsdag i måneden siden mars 2014.

Vi står sammen for å endre et system som ikke fungerer i dag. For våre barn og for barna etter våre barn!

Vi trenger at du, og de du får med deg, blir med på denne Appellen foran Stortinget.

Det handler om barns rett til å se sin far, også når mor og far ikke lenger ønsker å bo under samme tak. (Og mor i de få tilfellene der barnet har bosted hos far.)

Det er en urett i Norge. Som vi skal rette opp. Vi gir oss ikke. Det er viktig å møte opp. Oppslutning gir synlighet. Synlighet gir oss alle, og våre barn, en stemme! Det er slik vi skal vinne gjennom til slutt.

Vi viderefører suksessen. Møt opp mannssterke, både kvinner og menn. Ta med venner, still skulder ved skulder, eller som del av publikum. 2016 er året vi kan påvirke, og vi blir nå hørt av stadig flere!! Vi sees! 🙂

Se her for mer om hva dette handler om:

The Parliament of Norway Building seen from Eidsvolls plass.

The Parliament of Norway Building seen from Eidsvolls plass. Photo via Wikipedia

We go full throttle in 2016!

Male Forum also organizes this first Tuesday of the month appeal that we made every first Tuesday of the month since March 2014.

We stand together to change a system that is not working today. For our children and for the children after our children!

We need you, and those you get with you, join this appeal in front of the Parliament.

It is about the right of children to see their father, even when Mom and Dad no longer want to live under the same roof. (And mother in the few cases where the child is domiciled with Dad.)

There is an injustice in Norway. Aand we shall rectify it. We do not give in. It is important to meet up. Participation gives visibility. Visibility gives us and our children a voice! That is how we will win through in the end.

We are continuing our success. Meet up strong, both women and men. Bring friends, still shoulder to shoulder, or that part of the audience. 2016 is the year we can influence, and we are now being heard by more and more !! See you! 🙂

See here for more on what this is about:

NEWS BUCOVINA video from helicopter – Mii de persoane susţin familia Bodnariu la Suceava: Norway, return the children to Bodnariu family!




Protest Suceava (video) 2

Oferă informaţii de calitate, în timp real, despre evenimentele reprezentative din judeţul Suceava. Este un site de ştiri din judeţul Suceava, fondat în anul 2002, fiind primul ziar online din judeţul Suceava

VIDEO by Ziarul NewsBucovina

NORWAY: We support #BODNARIU family (1) London

Norway, Give Us Back the Children You Stole

A van in London, at the Protest in front of the Norwegian Embassy on January 8th, 2016

Norway, Give Us Back the Children You Stole

We support BODNARIU family 2

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FOTOS From OSLO, Norway Protest January 6 at Eidsvolls plass #BODNARIU


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