Australian preacher Josh Williamson arrested for preaching on the streets of Perth, in Scotland (VIDEO)

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Josh Williamson, a street preacher goes to Scotland to preach.  At about the 6-7th minute he is confronted by cops and eventually arrested for ‘breach of peace’.

Here’s are some additional details, according to the UK website –

This is now the third arrest of a Christian street preacher since July. Tony Miano was arrested in London in July and Robbie Hughes was arrested in Basildon earlier this month. Photo credit

Rev Josh Williamson, the pastor of Craigie Reformed Baptist Church in Perth, regularly takes to the streets to hand out leaflets, talk to passers-by and do open-air preaching.

But yesterday a police officer told him to stop preaching because he was breaking the law.

The officer insisted that he was not allowed to preach and told Josh that he would be arrested if he continued. When Josh said that he would not comply because he was not breaking the law, the officer placed him under arrest for breach of the peace.

„This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners…” (1 Timothy 1:15) VIDEO by Josh Williamson

Here are some accounts of the arrest from main stream media:

Paul Washer – Open Air Preaching – Predicare in strada (cu subtitrare)

Paul Washer heartcry.comVIDEO by  ibhglobal

VOI ATI PACATUIT Ati mintit, ati avut ganduri rele Priviti, priviti: Daca as putea face un DVD din viata voastra si as putea sa prezint acel DVD seara asta in acest parc al fiecarui gand pe care l-ati gandit a fiecarei zile din viata voastra, ati fugi din acest loc si niciodata nu v-ati mai intoarce pentru ca ati facut lucruri atat de rusinoase de care nici nu vreti sa discutati cu nimeni Este adevarat! Stiu ca este adevarat. De ce? Pentru ca Biblia spune asa si pentru ca si eu sunt ca voi Acum, Dumnezeu este drept si tu si cu mine nu L-am ascultat Am incalcat Legea lui Dumnezeu Acum, cea mai mare problema din Scriptura este aceasta: „Cum poate un Dumnezeu drept sa ierte un pacatos si sa ramana totusi drept?” English: Open Air Preaching

Stalker sermon – open air preaching in Atlanta

from Wretched TV – Thanks to Gabi Bogdan for this video. Open air preaching is an instrumental teaching tool. You may say, „Well, I cannot do what this man does, I cannot preach. I don’t feel comfortable talking to other people about my faith.”

While most of us will indeed not be preachers, we all have a deep love for our family and friends and we care for those around us if we indeed have met Christ and have been saved from an eternal separation form God when we put our faith in Him and trusted Him for our salvation.

That is why we love to watch open air preaching videos. You can see and learn how to reason with someone who is not saved. The greatest tip, which is also shown in this video with Josh Williamson of (Australia)- is to pray and ask God to take over your thoughts and your speech when witnessing to people about salvation.

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This episode of Wretched TV ( was filmed in Atlanta (USA) and features Josh Williamson. After this open air two people professed faith in Christ.

The Diary of John Wesley – Chapter 3 – Field-Preaching; „All the World my Parish”; Whitefield; Wales; Experience with Demons

Wesley preaches in open air. Click photo for source

You can read:

The events of Chapter 3 take place between March 15and October 28 of the year 1739. It starts out with Wesley reluctantly leaving London for Bristol to meet with George Whitefield where he reconciles himself to the „strange way of preaching in fields”.  After preaching in the open air in Bath, he is summoned before Beau Nash and charged with acting against Parliament and of his preaching he is charged with „frightening people out of their wits”.

After  recording in his journal some sermons to thousands, the chapter concludes with Wesley praying over a demon possessed woman.

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