“Our Time is NOW” – Invitation to WINTERFEST in North Carolina

Winterfest North Carolina "Our time is now"www.rowinterfest.com

Hello and greetings from North Carolina.

We are eager to remind you that Winterfest 2016 is right around the corner and we cannot express how excited we are for this year’s conference. We would love to have you participate this year by attending the Conference and by praying for this weekend.

There’s going to be spirit-filled worship, sermons, bonfires, food, and lots of fellowship. Not to mention that it’s all FREE.

This year’s theme: “Our Time is NOW” will challenge us to rise up as the church and live in a radical way for Jesus—proclaiming the Gospel and making an impact in this culture. We have faith that this conference can radically change the youth’s hearts, youth groups, and even churches back home.

Join us in prayer and fasting, as we are EXPECTING God to work mightily in the life’s of the youth. You are invited to experience it together with hundreds of young Romanian-American youth from all over the country.

The conference will take place in Charlotte, NC on February 12-14, 2016. 

Please keep this event in your prayers and check www.rowinterfest.com for more information regarding lodging, services times, and other announcements.

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