SEMNAȚI PETIȚIA PENTRU FAMILIA TRADIȚIONALĂ – Romanian Political Parties: Pledge to Protect Marriage


Romania will hold their national elections on 11 December of this year.

This means that the Citizens’ Initiative on Marriage, which gathered over 3 million signatures to defend marriage as between one man and one woman, and which demands a review of Art. 48 of the Romanian Constitution, will remain unfinished business for this current Government.

Therefore, it should be the first order of business for the next Government, and they should not delay in setting the parameters for its implementation, by holding a referendum on the same.

Earlier this year, over 3 million Romanian citizens signed a petition calling for a review of Art. 48 of the Romanian Constitution, to exclude the possibility of legalising homosexual union in Romania.

In particular, the signers of the citizens’ initiative demanded that the word „spouses”, which lends itself to ambiguity, be removed, and „exclusive union of a man and woman” be inserted.

An astonishing 3 million Romanian adults asked for this change, which equates to about 25% of the total electorate, meaning that this movement to protect the natural family simply cannot be motivated by party political affiliation.

Also, in 2015, a Eurobarometer poll showed that 69% of Romanians were against same-sex „marriage”.

So, from the evidence, it is very clear that the Romanian public wish to reserve marriage to one man and one woman, only.

However, the issue was held up, at various stages, by Romania’s Constitutional Court and by the House of Deputies. Now, with the elections coming so soon, the politicians have left this as unfinished business.

This petition, therefore, asks all of the Romanian political parties to PLEDGE that, after the new elections, their party’s MPs will provide the leadership which has been demanded by the Romanian electorate – specifically, that all necessary steps be taken so that the Romanian Constitution be amended to protect marriage as between one man and one woman.

This petition will be directed to the following:

  • Mr Liviu Dragnea – President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD)
  • Ms Alina-Ștefania Gorghiu – President of the National Liberal Party (PNL)
  • Mr Traian Băsescu – President of the People’s Movement Party (PMP)
  • Mr Călin Popescu Tăriceanu – President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE)
  • Mr Hunor Kelemen – President of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR)
  • Mr Daniel Fenechiu – President of the National Democratic Party (PND)



Sign the U.S. petition that addresses Norway’s state kidnapping practices, and in support of the Bodnariu family, which will be sent to the U.S. President!

Petition BODNARIU family

SIGN THE PETITION HERE:…/return-five-children-inc…

Sign the U.S. petition that addresses Norway’s state kidnapping practices, and in support of the Bodnariu family, which will be sent to the U.S. President!

Here is what the petition letter states:


Mr. President,

It is hard to believe that a government Agency from NORWAY did take away five children including an infant just a few month old from a Romanian responsible family that lives in Norway.

Actions of protest of hundred of thousand people against this NON HUMANITARIAN ACTION did take place in Washington DC and many city in America, Europe all over the world.

It appears that this Norway agency are stealing children for no reasons and give these children to families that cannot have children or for fresh blood as Hitler did during the WW2.

Please help this family to get their natural children back where they belong and stop this criminal activity.

Thank you for your wonderful work for America!

Please help this family to regain their children.


George Nicolae

Published Date: Jan 24, 2016

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