Matt Chandler – Develop a Holy Discontentment

Matt Chandler, Pastor at the Village Church in Dallas, Texas speaks on Phillipians 3 from The Coast of Australia on 9/18/2009.

Matt: Develop Holy Discontentment (The Q&A (second) video delves deeper into the message)

Whom do you imitate? Where do you get your advice? What stirs our affection for Jesus Christ?

To be conformed to a pattern of religion, but not be transformed by the Spirit of God is a horrible place to find one’s life playing out. In Ephesians 3, Paul gets into the „why” we follow Jesus Christ and then into the „why”. Here, he undermines the Judaizers who say that you must obey the law and not just believe in the cross of Christ in order to follow Jesus Christ and Paul even goes so far as to call them „dogs”.

Paul outlines the moral laws of the day and basically says, „I have done these and when it comes to the law, I am blameless.” But, in verse 7, Paul says, „But whatever gain I had (or whatever good came from that „goodness”), I count it as loss for the sake of Christ.” He counts all these things as rubbish next to the surpassing greatness of knowing jesus christ, his Lord.

So, he is saying, „If you get religion and you get morality, but you don’t get Jesus, you’ve made a horrible trade.

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