Update on the 80 North Koreans summarily executed in public, some may have been killed for possessing Bibles

Source Mission News Network and Daily Mail UK

I have been watching this news item for a few days, and up until yesterday there was no evidence that Christians were also targeted. Originally, the North Korean government stated that the 80 people rounded up and publicly executed had a committed the crime of possessing South Korean Movie DVD’s and for ‘prostitution’ (could it be possessing pornography?). However, in the last 2 days, several news outlets are revising the story and are also reporting that, at least some of those executed, may have been killed for possessing a Bible, and, reportedly, the families of the victims and friends have been sent to gulags (forced labor camps).

north korea gulag

Here’s the report from the Daily Mail:

Several large-scale public executions of around 80 people have taken place in North Korea, according to a South Korean newspaper.

In one, woman and children were herded into a sports stadium and forced to watch people being shot dead by machine gun fire.

The executions took place on Sunday November 3, a source told the paper.

Why the executions took place is difficult to ascertain, but the paper speculates that they may have been carried out to quell unrest and stop capitalist ideology from growing, as they took place in areas of recent economic growth.

Some of the deaths may also have been a punishment for the perceived crimes of watching South Korean movies, distributing pornography, using prostitutes and possessing Bibles.

JoongAng Ilbo reported that in Wonsan, in Kangwon Province, 10,000 people were ordered into Shinpoong Stadium, and forced to watch eight people, who were tied to stakes with sacks over their heads, being killed by machine guns.

Its source said: ‘I heard from the residents that they watched in terror as the corpses were riddled by machine-gun fire that they were hard to identify afterwards.’

Other executions took place in Chongjin in North Hamgyong Province, Sariwon in North Hwanghae Province and Pyongsong in South Pyongan.

North Koreans are forced to adhere to the Juche ideology – a doctrine which mixes Marxism with the worship of North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung and his descendents.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Please continue to pray for the world wide persecuted church, and for the persecutors. May God give the brave persecuted men and women, who have done no wrong, the strength to stand, and their families comfort for the losses they are experiencing.

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