Protest in Vancouver Canada

1188 West Georgia Street, Royal Norwegian Consulate General

Monday, February 8at 10 AM – 3 PM in PST

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We want to make known to the people of Canada the truth about Norway’s Child Protection System (Barnevernet) who kidnapped 5 children from the Bodnariu family in Norway. We plan to pray, sing, have speeches and hold banners on the sidewalk. Expected attendance: 450 people.

PLEASE JOIN THE RALLY against BARNEVERNET, Norway’s legal system that allows child kidnapping, child trafficking!

When: February 8, 2016
Where: 1480-1188 W. Georgia Street, Vancouver
Time: 10 -3 pm
Agenda: Well organized Singing, praying, time to let the Norwegian know that absolute power of Barnevenet destroys families, destroys children and must be stopped. Please pray for us
Expected: 450 people and more
PLEASE JOIN US. Numbers count! The lives of those innocent children count.

Norway has been violating human rights, parental rights and religious rights for the past decades.
Many families of immigrants and even Norwegian people had their children confiscated by the diabolic system Barnevernet. This system of child protection abducts people from their parents, with or without cause and puts them in foster homes, homes that parents do not even know where they are located and then kids are put up for adoption. In the case of Bodnariu, in Nov 2015, 5 kids were taken from them because of “Christian indoctrination”, which is violation of their right to religious freedom. The parents never abused the children and the youngest was 3 months at the time of his abduction into Barnevernet child protection system. About 50000 children are part of such system and Norway has been able to hide the truth about Barnevernet since 1992, when it was founded.
People of all nationalities join together to ask for STOP BARNEVERNET, stop kidnaping of children and return Bodnariu’s children and many others like them.
For more information, check out these links.…/norwegian-govt.-seizes-5-ch……/
(world wide rallies)…/norway-five-christian-child…/ (Insane system that must be stopped)
Thank you very much.
God bless you. Our religious freedom and the freedom of our children is at risk.
HELP US put a stop to violation of human rights and violation of freedom of religion in Norway and worldwide. THANK YOU.
(The main website used for this rally)

Please forward this letter to as many churches and people that you know.
Thank you

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