Marriage – the best biological analogy to marriage is the creation of a life

In an article for Discovery Publishing, Steve Zeisler wrote:

„In many respects the best biological analogy to marriage is the creation of a life. Man and woman each contribute a cell having 23 chromo-somes. The two cells are joined together, and a new human being who has never existed, a unique individual life, is created.

In marriage, when two unique individuals, known and loved by God, are given to each other, another sort of life begins. God creates a living thing that never existed before, a unique oneness. And God cares about the life that he calls into being. God made you and me and we matter to him. But if he makes marriages, they also matter to him, and we ought to regard them that way.”

SOURCE: Steve Zeisler, Discovery Publishing via

Ben Witherington – quote from Claude Galen

Written in 2nd century but mirrors our times- from Witherington’s site:

The reason I deferred in writing this is because of „the danger of wasting my time, since pretty much no one cares about truth these days; rather they eagerly chase after money and political power and insatiable enjoyment of pleasures, and to such an extent that they think you are crazy if you spend your time on any serious pursuit of knowledge.” Galen, 2nd century A.D. (Emphasis mine- …and the more things change, the more they stay the same). Read more at:

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