Ravi Zacharias at Yale University (Part 1)

Ravi Zacharias at Yale University 2013„Your pursuit of what is ultimate assumes that you find relevance in that belief,” says Ravi Zacharias. But how are we to navigate the shoreless sea that constitutes our pluralistic world of conflicting ideas? Moreover, how do we remain committed to a particular worldview in a culture that dogmatically opposes any form of exclusivity? Most important of all, must Christianity itself be exclusive?

In this timely message, delivered in a crowded lecture hall at Yale University, Ravi Zacharias makes the assertion that truth is itself exclusive. To deny this is to exclude. Yale University’s motto is „Lux et Veritas,” meaning, light and truth. Throughout the course of his message, Ravi continually demonstrates his commitment to both of those ideals arguing that the Christian worldview is not unique for being exclusive but rather for its ability to stand up to scrutiny and to provide answers to the ultimate questions.

VIDEO by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Ravi Zacharias „The Death of Truth and the Decline of Culture” VIDEO of the live stream

From Oct 17, 2013

„The Death of Truth and the Decline of Culture”

English: Ravi Zacharias signing books at the F...On Thursday, October 17th at 7:00 pm, nationally syndicated radio show host Dennis Prager (www.dennisprager.com) and world-renowned Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias (www.rzim.org) will appear on stage together at Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, GA.

The evening will be hosted by comedian, actor and best-selling author Jeff Foxworthy.

American radio talk show host, columnist, and ...We live in trying times. Those of us who take belief in the God of the Bible seriously feel burdened by the problems that arise in our increasingly secular, pluralistic society. People are abandoning truth, Western culture is dying, and the lines between right and wrong are becoming irrevocably blurred.

The goal of this event is to allow two prominent voices in the public square – one Jewish (Prager), and one evangelical Christian (Ravi) – to engage in an open, honest and entertaining dialogue about these challenges we face as a nation and civilization. This is about asking and answering tough questions in a God-honoring and purposeful way.


Watch Ravi Zacharias live at 2 events at Dartmouth College (Wed. Oct. 9 & Thur. Oct. 10 at 7:30 pm EST)

RaviPhoto source rodiagnusdei Story source http://www.rzim.org

Click and Watch live here-

Thursday – http://www.youtube.com/user/Dartmouth

Over the next two nights, watch Ravi Zacharias and Nabeel Qureshi live via YouTube webcast, from Dartmouth College.  (I will repost video, if and when, Dartmouth or Veritas posts it permanently, on Youtube) Ravi and Nabeel will be speaking at Veritas Forum events on Wednesday and Thursday nights to sold-out gatherings. Each event will have a lecture and question and answer session from the audience.

Follow the events and conversations live on Twitter via Ravi’s feed at @RaviZacharias or Nabeel’s feed at @NAQureshi. Use #ravidartmouth to contribute or follow the embedded Twitter feed below.

Christianity in the Public Square for the Public Good: How to Have Productive Dialogue With Our Neighbors

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 7:30 PM EDT
Filene Auditorium
Ravi Zacharias and Nabeel Qureshi

Tolerance Under Fire:
Building a Community on Respect – Not Double Standards

Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 7:30 PM EDT
Spaulding Auditorium at the Hopkins Center
Ravi Zacharias

Link to LIVE FEED here –

Ravi Zacharias – Can Man Live Without God? National University of Singapore

Photo via www.gdtd.vn

Lecture Friday March 26, 2004 (just recently uploaded) In this brilliant and compelling defense of the Christian faith, Ravi Zacharias shows how affirming the reality of God’s existence matters urgently in our everyday lives. According to Zacharias, how you answer the questions of God’s existence will impact your relationship with others, your commitment to integrity, your attitude toward morality, and your perception of truth. (Video via EnimVeritas)

This topic is from Ravi’s book ‘Can Man Live Wihtout God’, a subject he spoke on at Harvard University Law School. The book treats this subject more exhaustively than his lecture here, and at other venues where Zacharias has lectured on this topic.

The book is available here: http://www.amazon.com/Can-Man-Live-Wi…

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